19 Dec 2008

I can now pronounce to you all that

1. We are Internet-less NO MORE! Wahaha... Internet-less for 2.75 weeks was totally utterly T___T...actually it wasn’t that bad as AJ is around to keep us busy. It’s very cold now, so we spend our time going out almost every day. Save us more money from switching the central heathing on and to kill time.

The first thing I do when I’m connected was...was...blogging la of course! You can see now how much I’m into to this blogging thingy...I’m blaming this addiction on Alice, my sis. And apparently I’ve no reason to quit since my other sister, Connie is also blogger now and she gossips my life to my parents every now and then. It’s your fault, Alice!

2. I’m meeting Val today...she just arrived Plymouth late night yesterday and we’re going out for a meal later. It’s going to be exciting after months didn’t see her. It’s like meeting my ‘lover’ haha...Val oh Val! My extremely in-love loverrrrrrrr~~~~~

Val’s going to be here for 2.5 weeks and we’re going for the Xmas trip together. Great! She’ll be my eye is getting the right dress for my wedding. Haha...Can’t wait~~~

Now….the most exciting news...ooo (upsy daisy) ...can’t wait to tell you this…

3. AJ now walks like a man with support. Yisk... Yisk...bom cha cha bom cha bom cha...woot woot~~~AJ already is able to walk side-to-side and wasn’t dare enough to walk to the front even with a support to push along. He would only do so with our hands guiding him.

And of course we were all very stunned when we first saw him walk to the front without our help. O_o It just happened in a click! There was an empty rectangle storage box in front of him and he just clutched on it with his both hands, stood up and start pushing and walking at the same time. He will then get so frustrated (screaming…Ah! Ah! Ah!) if there’s something blocking his way and haha….we have to help him steering the box – to the left or right. Haha…so funny~~~~

We couldn’t believe our eyes until we got this recorded! You can see his satisfactied smile when he walks. He’s so busy exploring what he can do with his legs and won’t stop until he’s tired. Gosh~~~~ So cutey neh~~~~~

That’s my boy! Well don, son! We think he might be able to walk independently by CNY next month. Let’s keep our finger-crossed, shall we?

And oh…he can also climb a few stairs now….by crawling of course haha…and oh oh oh! He likes headbutting our head repeatedly whenever we hold him. Oooo...it really hurts when he gave his full power yet he still continues to do the same thing over again...Gosh...baby is full of surprises...surprises & more surprises each day. Blessed~~~~

Val comes in the right time...to be able to watch AJ walking and can’t wait to see him headbutting Val. Haha......too bad our family missed it. But no worries as they will be able to meet AJ in-person soon...gosh~~~ in just a month time. Oooo(upsy daisy)...can’t wait!

It’s supposed to be a long post since this is the first post from my new home. But I am super busy today. The drillings for the broadband connection has left the room messy & dirty. So I need to take this golden opportunity (AJ's nap time) to clean the room ready for AJ to play. Then catch up with Val! Woot~~~~

More photos this weekend.

We’re still TV-less though ~~~ =="



Alice said...

buahahahha I am so proud to be the convict~~
eeee AJ~~ So KAWAII~~~ U dunno how much i miss seeing him again... never miss someone like this crazy in my entire life before neh.. hahaha

oh oh.. careful with the coffee table edges neh.. my heart melts whenever i see aj approaches the corners of the coffee table.. xD

Margaret said...

haha.....will keep an eye on it...