18 Jan 2009

We shall meet again

Today, we had dinner (lunch) with a bunch of friends. They are those we met in Plymouth. Through the old good times. Cliff, a funny handsome guy from Ipoh is going back home 2 days before our departure day. We have known each other for more than 3 years.

He's funny. So funny. Full with jokes and always pick on someone purposely (with no harm intention) on each night when we gather together. When there's a gathering, he'll be the most entertaining joker. Trust me. Everyone will be going home so happy. haha...I like him a lot. The way he jokes make my tummy hurts.

He's leaving UK, return to his family arms in 3 days time. So, we had last gathering dinner with Cliff before he's off. Here comes a few snap shots when i'm free.


That's that. Here comes AJ.

We shall meet again, Cliff! Safe journey. We'll miss you and take care...


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Alice said...

Welcome home, Cliff~~ He is
I hope he's reading. I'm sure he's gonna cry (in his heart) when he's bidding farewell to you guys. Anyways, wish him all the best~~