10 Jan 2009

UK Tour 2008 - Day 6

Day 6 - 31-12-2008

After hospital visit, we drove straight to Leeds.
AJ felt a lot better. We're so relieved....
Say hi to...er...I don't know
While feeding our Honda, I saw this!
McDonalds's drive through take away orders...like American...I know I sounded sakai but this has just gain popularity in UK...not just this...
Petrol driveway pay point! First time I saw it. In Leeds!
Check it out!
Jimmy had a try too...so high tech neh~~~
Right, on our way to York's designer outlet, got a snap of Rud's dirty car...hoho...he can now speed with no problem
At the outlet, AJ's doing his normal routine....playing with his tongue
Jimmy trying to get his size...
AJ wanna have a try on the starbuck's juice
but too cold for AJ neh....so no no no
then, Rud checks Val's face
looking good
the guys have a discussion
but Jimmy & Royston got so tired of shopping, so not a word.

Next, Oxford!


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