6 Jan 2009

UK Tour 2008 – Day 2 & 3

Right, I know you've been waiting for more photos. Unfortunately, most of the photos taken were in Rudolf's camera & I'm still waiting for the copies. So, I'm posting as much photos as I can from my camera.

Day 2 - 27-12-2008

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls...Manchester, our next stop.
Outside Manchester Stadium - you can't miss it!
woot~ woot~ but FYI, Wayne Rooney is not my fan
Jimmy and his bao bei - AJ la
AJ so lucky neh...had lunch at the stadium... *jealous*
next, Trafford Park Centre - the big mall - love it to bits
At the end of the day, only realised one of his stockings went missing. =.=
had the chance to eat gui ling gao...yummy yummy
AJ woke up very early the next day...so took some pics
trying to get down from the couch
nearly there~~~
yesh! Good boy!
so pleased neh~~~
Daddy woke up not long later, so tiring...

Day 3 - 28-12-2008

Glasgow next~~~
caught Danny sleeping..wahaha
AJ: stop taking me photos la...sien~~~
AJ quite upset for not being able to move around much..poor him. What to do, son? Safety...
Not far from Glasgow..so freezing...
so foggy~~~
the grass were frozed
Loch Lomond, 30 mins from Glasgow...a small mall by the lake....
The group're wondering what to do...including AJ
took the short train trip..AJ is so excited~~~
£1 per person per trip for just 5 mins - kena tipu =="
Finally, reaching hotel
WWF began...
Ouch....been beaten
aiyak....his saliva all over me face
Next, daddy!

Not much photos from Glasgow actually as AJ wasn't feeling very well. He was feverish that evening, so we stayed in hotel while the others walked around the city.

Glasgow is so expensive to live. Rud & Val kindly dabao dinner for us and costed us £20 for just two food takeaway. Cold as well. We're glad that we're living at South.



Alice said...

i wanna wrestle with AJ when he's back~~ nyehehehehe

Margaret said...

sure...i'm sure you will surrender...your face will end with his trademark - saliva