13 Jan 2009

Happy Birthday, AJ!

Everyone, I’m so delighted, in fact proud to say that my precious son is now 1. Officially, well by 11:57 PM tonight (GMT time), he’s 1 year old.



(Malay kinda weird when writing this)

- (Chinese)

We organised a small party for him last Saturday with just close friends. Mary took a day off and she cooked nasi lemak (yum yum), ayam merah and salted fried pork. So nice~~~ Took two videos which I believed you too will enjoy as much as I do.

He doesn't look so happy seeing the cake. Actually, the chocolates surrounding the cake has frightened him.

The day wasn't wasted afterall. Well done, my boy!

His arrival has changed both of our lives. Ups and downs but still we cherish him to bits.


Mommy loves you very much...

He has yet meet his extended family yet, apart from his aunt, Alice whom he met when he aged 4-7 months (which I believe he forgot who she is now) and is due to meet them soon! Everyone is so excited neh~~~

9 days left and still counting...........



Alice said...

happy birthday AJ! yeah i m sure he will cry when i wanna hold him soon.

his expression at 0:19 in the second video is PRICELESS man~~ HAHAHA

Margaret said...

yeah yeah...agreed with you. totally! haha......