21 Jan 2009

We’re all set

Yes! Jimmy and I have been busy packing & cleaning the house preparing ourselves for the holiday lately. We always make sure that we left the house neat & tidy before we off for holiday each time – laundry, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning and so on. This is to make sure that the house is comfy by the time we came back from holiday. Then we’ll be all relieved and rest at ease.

Packing! Headache It’s pain really. Honestly, I didn’t expect to bring so much. The last time we went back, we only had one luggage. Now? 4! 2 medium luggage & 2 small hand carry bags. I know…with AJ, of course I expect to bring a lot. But I didn’t expect that much! I’ve tried to minimise as much as we could but still….4 plus pushchair. =.=

Haih…at first I thought the luggage will be empty leaving enough spaces to buy things from Malaysia – toys, children books, clothes, etc etc. Now….we don’t think we will bring a lot back. But hopefully can. I’m keeping my finger crossed.

See what I mean?
70% of them are AJ's

Can’t wait~~~ wahaha..I know I’ve been saying this at almost every post lately. But really can’t wait. So exciting! I even had mixture of questions from my colleagues, "Last day, Maggs. Ooo... are you excited? Nervous? All eyes are into you on the big day." Wahaha...of course I'm excited. Nervous as well....but much more excited as we're going home celebrating...Chinese New Year with families and the Wedding.

Will try my best to update my blog as much as I can when I’m in Malaysia. But most of you have already know, with the slow internet connection at my tanahair (home country) and the impatience me, please don’t put high hope.

Weather forecast says that Plymouth might be having snow at some point this week and I’m hoping to see some on our way to London tomorrow. You see, Plymouth don’t normally snow but if we do, it is from neighbouring cities. I met the snow with my own eyes only twice since I arrived Plymouth. So, I’m hoping to see some this year before the winter ends, normally after Easter. This will be the first time AJ seeing snow wo…haha…*finger-crossed*

Tomorrow, the long exhausting gruelling traumatised (nearly) journey begins. We’ll be (Jimmy actually) driving up to London meeting AJ’s far far away gf, Chloe and her parents first before heading off to Heathrow for the 13 hours flight to the Boleh-land. Carol and I have been updating ourselves with baby’s development all this while.

I’m so jealous of Carol. She is one of the best mum and she took as much baby development courses as she could to give the best care for Chloe. The courses include baby food stages, emergencies for children under 5 and so forth. I wish I could sign up for the courses too but it’s limited in Plymouth and normally held at my working time. So jealous!

The only thing I could do is learn from book and tips from my colleagues and Carol. Thanks to them for their generous tips and ideas. Haih… AJ is in his good health (except being sick often since he started nursery) and am really proud of his development. Tell me I’m not a bad mom. Tell me!!!!

Anyway, I’m hoping AJ will be OK during the trip. You can do it, son! Please pray for our safe journey.

Sunshine, here I come. Not much rain please at my holiday. Please…. Pwweeeaaaassseeeeeee~~~

Everyone, I’m coming home!!!! Eee-harrrrr! (just mimicking, ok?)


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