13 Jan 2009

with tears...

I’m crying inside. In fact, the tears nearly come out. This is not a normal tears. This is happy tears. Proud! Pleased! I wasn’t there but the moment I heard about it, I can already feel that I was there. I do! It was like me seeing the unforgettable event. I can already imagine it. Whenever I recap that event in my mind, I know I’m so proud of him. So proud~~~

He is the one I am very proud of. The first day I saw him, I’m filled with full of surprises. Except when he’s not well. I laugh when he laughs. But when he cries, I’m so hurt. He was screaming and so happy whenever he tried to do that thing. Even though the attempts always failed after the first success, he’s craved a wide smile – satisfied. And he didn’t give up. He continues to do it again and again, of course when he feel it’s safe to do so.

Now I understand why every parent is so contented the moment their baby did their first walk unaided.





Yes! I’m so proud of my son.

Jimmy was picking him up at the nursery on Tuesday – the day he turned 1. Lovely birthday boy was so excited seeing his daddy that he screamed to his highest tone “aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”.

There was about 1 metre gap between him and his daddy. There he was standing and then moved his right leg to the front…..by himself! Left! Right! Then left! All four steps were independent! Both arms were open wide to get a huge hug from his daddy. Smiling from ear to ear.

Both the carer and Jimmy were so surprised. Karen, the carer, said they have been encouraging him to walk by himself but he just felt not secure. And amazingly, he did his first independent walk on his first birthday! Bravo! Bravo! Horray!

We were a bit worried at first because he just had his 12 months immunisation on Monday. I had a call from the nursery that morning and thought that he isn’t feeling very well. We thought he was upset due to the injection, only to know that the reason behind was because of hunger. He was back to himself – playing happily after lunch. Phew~~~ Touch wood! Choi Choi Choi Dai Kat Lai Shi…

And oh oh oh...here are two things AJ brought home with him today. Sweet, ain't it?

What he did on Tuesday was such a wonderful thing. Both Jimmy and I tried to do the same thing again when we reach home, he tried but failed. I know…I know…his legs are still not strong enough and he’s still learning to coordinate his walks. But I really can’t wait to see him walk by himself. I can’t wait to get him showing his biggest achievement so far in front of Jimmy’s and my family next Saturday.

Woot~~~ it’s going to be exciting!!!

Although, I’m a little upset for the reason that I wasn’t there myself…nah..I’m sure I will see it with my own eyes soon…soon… *wink*

I have already start packing things up since last weekend. There’re lots of things to bring back. My wedding dresses, CNY clothes, Jimmy’s wedding clothes, AJ’s milk, AJ’s CNY clothes, AJ’s wedding clothes, AJ’s medicine for emergencies, etc etc. It was like moving home!

But it’s so worth it. We’re looking forward to meet our families whom we haven’t met for more than 3 years and so are they. I believe everyone at home can’t wait to hold AJ.

I can’t wait to have a non-stop chat with Alice the moment we land our first step in Malaysia. Chat till the next morning if I’m not tired…wahaha…

I can’t wait to eat Malaysia food which I missed so much – kampua, cha mien, kolo mee, laksa, nasi lemak to name a few. Forget diet by the time I reach Malaysia but have to watch what I eat until the wedding day.

I can’t wait to taste me mom’s cooking. My fav – billin with egg and ginger, crab meat dish, black chicken with black fungus.

I can’t wait to crash me sis’s bedroom when I stayed over at my dad’s. Gonna steal one of her snoopy back to UK. *wide wicked grin* Muahaha….

I can’t wait to say Gong Xi Fa Cai to all the families & friends. And pai nian! Pai nian!

I can't wait to celebrate the first Chinese New Year with AJ and the rest of the family.

Ooooo Upsy Daisy….7 days to my holiday and counting….

Still counting….

Still is…



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