10 Jan 2009

UK Tour 2008 - Day 4 & 5

Day 4 - 29-12-2008

Next stop, Newcastle. We were very hungry when we reach Newcastle so went straight to a restaurant.

AJ got so excited with the big mirror next to our table
While we're searching for appetizing food, we saw this! =.=
AJ is shocked too!
The boss & the lady puek (discuss) of what to order
Huh, Kok Fung got so bored taking care of AJ

Day 5 - 30-12-2008

AJ isn't getting any better. In fact worse. Yesterday night, we noticed he had rashes on both his hands and legs with fever throughout the day as well. So, we decided to get him checked by the professionals the next day.
At the hospital...Just to prove to you we're in the hospital...wahaha....

The normal health examination (temperature check, heart monitor, blood pressure, weight measurement) all went well. Doctor examined him and said he's doing fine. But she requested for a sample of his urine to check for infection. He's given a children changing pad. So, we waited for him to peeeeeee........waited & waited & waited....
while waiting
admiring the painted wall...
so lovely~~~

While waiting and waiting and waiting, we got this recorded...

After 2 hours waiting and us making the sssshhhhhhh sound, we finally got the sample. The lab test came back with a little infection in his urine. Nothing serious...Phew~~~Prescribed with antibiotic...finally~~~

And oh oh oh...we were nearly been accused for child abuse. Apparently, AJ has the mongolian birthmark on one of his shoulder and we're asked what is the mark. She said if it's not a birthmark, it will not be long till social services get involved. O.o We were fortunate that AJ has another birthmark on his bottom which we proved to her that they are birthmarks.

Not long later, two more junior doctos came to see the mongolian birthmarks. haha...It's the first time they see it with their own eyes wor. They read about the birthmark from the book and they normally appear in ASIAN baby especially in the bottom.

PEOPLE, I am NO NO NO definitely NO NO child abuser. Especially to our precious son. Don't accuse us of something we didn't do, OKAY!



Alice said...

fuiyo~~ wo dare accuse u people~ ask the doctors to call me~~~ I can prove it to them just how precious darling AJ is to everyone of us here.. -.-' ngok ngok doctors.. but they are doing their jobs too hehe ask them to go youtube.. if making AJ laughs too much is child abuse then i've got nothing to say hahaha

Alice said...

cannot watch video leh da saooooo T____T says u need to send me request baru can watch

Margaret said...

Alice...yalor...we understand too they're doing their job. Fortuntately, they believe us. Had make the video private previously. hehe..sorry...you should be able to watch it now