3 Dec 2009

The "talak tiga"

As mentioned from the previous post, AJ had a talak tiga not too long ago. Here’s the full story.

It happened on one night. AJ has been using the same brand since he was several months old and it’s like his loyal wife. She follows him everywhere. She comforts him when he’s upset. She makes him go to sleep. She eases his pain when he’s not feeling well. He would be really upset if he saw me taking away his wife so I only do that without him noticing…you know to give her a hot bath. He won’t leave her behind if he goes out. Basically she’s everything to him.

Everyone…jeng jeng jeng…She is none other than silicone teats dummy by Avent. He’ll noticed the differences when I changed to a new dummy especially of different colour eventhough they’re from the same brand. He would raised his eyebrows and give it a few seconds thoughts before actually accepting his ‘new wife’.

I have actually thinking of get rid of the wife sometime soon. Yes, obviously I’m jealous because she’s absolutely replacing my position in his heart and I felt challenged!!!….grrr…..

OK, anyway researchers claimed that dummy plays a part in speaking development. Having dummy in the mouth all the time stops him from speaking properly and this could cause late speaking at later stage. Some leading to slur speaking also. This is quiet scary you know. It’s one of the many concerns for each mom. So I decided I need to get the divorce settlement finalized soon before she’s taking over him although I know the dummy is a comfort to him.

I asked my friends previously the best way to cut off the dummy. One solution is to cut the teats to make him sucking nothing. Or dip the teats with durian paste so that he’ll find it taste funny. Bla blab la…I’m not sure how effective they are but I kinda reluctant to cut the teat if in case the plan doesn’t work or I sound so horrible by dipping the teat into the durian paste as I know it’s like forcing myself eating something I don’t like. So I haven’t really thought of the best solution.

Furthermore, there was no exact date as of when to finalise the divorce since he was obviously still in love with her. T.T He’s soooo into her every second. He never fed up with her! There were several occasions where they both got into fight and he threw her away (sounds horrible, right?) but that only lasts for a few minutes. They’re inseparable, I tell you!!!

Then on a Thursday last month, I decided that it’s time to replace his worn wife with a new young beautiful wife from Jusco. I wasn’t sure at first if he’ll take it since he’s No.1 fan of Avent products but it’s still made from silicone just comes with a slightly different shape. That night, I simply throw the old grumpy wife, who threatened my position in AJ’s circle, into the bin without a second thought. Talak 2. Who ask her to offend a lovely beautiful young mother-in-law?

Few minutes later when AJ asked for his wife whereabouts, I introduced the new young wife. The small and short yet lavish wedding ceremony went well. AJ met her for the first time and who knows 10 miliseconds later, he rejected the new Mrs Ling. To my shock, he pushed her away every time I introduced her to him. He went crying immediately. “Give me back my wife. Where’s she? You killed her? Get her back. I want her back! Alive! Now! At this moment!”

No, I hate the old grumpy wife so I’m certainly not going to persuade her to come back. Not a chance! I insisted the new one but he kept pushing her away. Each time! Then blink! comes a big 75 watt bulb on top of my head saying this could actually work. A totally good timing for the full divorce, talak tiga.

The theory seems so solid. It’s a solution alright but comes another problem. As I’ve said before, he sleeps with his wife. So that night, AJ found it difficult to go to bed without her. He wailed for her until he fell asleep. Poor little fella. I had to carry him till he fall asleeps. Then he would wake up in the middle of the night looking for his wife. The next day, I said to myself, if this is getting worse, I’ll get him the Avent back. What to do? It’s the King AJ we’re talking about. But he has to wait until Saturday since the product can only be bought in Poppies in the Spring or Mummycares in Crown Square. So I have about 3 nights for the experiment.

First night was horrible. The second day was ok but night was still a bit struggling. The staff at nursery also complained about rejecting his new wife. He found it hard to go to sleep without his wife. But I insist to use this golden chance to get rid of his wife once and for all. Just give me a few days. I know it will works (actually 50-50 only). He looked tired and so was hubby and I, all because of sleep deprivation. It will always be the new wife each time he asked for it. The tiredness asked me to give up, half of me said I have get him the Avent. But the other half of me said to wait for a few more days. Reason being he started to look more chatty without his wife.

On 4th night, amazingly, he slept through the night. I woke up fresh. That was the first night I sleep through the night after suffering 22 months of broken sleeps. Surprisingly, AJ got used without having his wife around. He seems to forget about it. Whola….

IT WORKS! IT WORKS! *dancing around under the joyful rain*

AJ is now off the soothers. 100%! Thank God. Very chatty now indeed. In his own language. A o e a a a a a da di be bu blab la…very energetic voices.

You should use this method if you’re planning to have your children off the dummy aka the wicked wife. Hehe…

For the record, I still keep the new wife in case he wants it again and will pushed it away when he saw this latest wife. This wife is going to be with him for the next few years ago. Yeah baby, I like her. A lot! Hahah…

But leh comes a new problem. He keeps moving around a lot before he goes to sleep which annoys us because he would bump me or hubby’s head blindly. Then we can’t really sleep peacefully until he fall asleep. Hubby has already suggesting getting him back to dummy. I must think a new solution to make him snooze faster. Come on. Think! Think! Think!


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