18 Dec 2009

The day I've longed for...

I'm smiling from ear to ear. A very special day indeed. teehee... It's a public holiday norm to all malaysian but I'm super duper happy because we make use of this day......shopping. well, that's not the main point. It's a family day indeed which we all have been looking forward too. A relaxing day with no rush here & there, no heat wave, the whole half day in The Spring. Both hubby and I were working ever since we arrived Kuching and tired due to exhausting endless tasks and I especially feeling guilty for not been spending much time with AJ lately, mom & son together.

So at The Spring...Gosh...Xmas is around the corner and The Spring is just like any other malls decorated for the Xmas festive. And AJ was over the moon already. haha...
ooo...feel the warmth already...
AJ loved it
he too smiling from ear to ear...I was lucky to snap this
AJ is not looking forward for the family photo. Got too excited with the santa
Two big xmas tree by the escalator

We spent hours in the mall just because of the cool air really. It's a day outside but the heat wave, we couldn't stand it basically. So we rather spend the day in the mall eventhough we're wondering aimlessly for hours. We managed to loan a pushchair for free as long as we took good care & return it in good order. AJ couldn't wait to sit in the pushchair the moment he saw it. I bet he missed it since he grew up with it. haha...

As we're wondering in the mall, we saw something that we really fancied.
& mine

What do you think of my purse? Chosed it myself & it's a gift from hubby. I've been looking for a specific purse and when I saw this, it's exactly to my taste plus the discount, I took it immediately without a second thought. hehe....Thanks, dear. Love it and will pour my endless love to CR. Not forgetting AJ, we got him a new chinese new year clothes. I know it's still early but since I saw one that's suitable and it's on discount so why not. It's not for public eye until that day comes. hehe...

We're still looking for our own chinese new year clothes. Boy, it has been ages since our last spending on CNY clothes. Not sure what I'm looking for actually but I'm aiming to get some that will also be suitable for normal / work wearing. Will keep on hunting for the right one indeed! The sale is there and may there be continuous sale till Chinese New Year.

We headed towards another mall but didn't stayed there too long because it's too hot in there. All of us were sweating! For goodness sake, we went back home afterwards.

So all in all, it was a good day afterall. Boy, I do hope that we could spend everyday like this as a family. Well, not on spending money too much though.


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