24 Jan 2010

Me wish list b4 Lunar year 4708 begins

Whoop! Whoop! Yes, as every malls are now playing the Chinese New Year songs...Gong xi ya gong xi...sin nina fa da chai...nian nian you yu, it's obviously not long now. I haven't heard these songs for quite a long time. 6 years back...shocking aint it? Everybody is looking forward to go back home celebrating this glorious event but a gentle reminder to all travellers....travel safely. Think your family always.

Anyway, I just got my leave approved. Yeah! It was kinda late when I applied for the Chinese New Year leave and as I was still in probation so I started a bit worried when I didn't get any reply back few days later. I guess I was worry a bit too much after all. wahaha...can't blame me. This is my first important Chinese New Year since I moved back from UK, so surely I can't miss it. It would be a sin for me to miss such an important events!

In less than 3 weeks, I still have lots of things to do.
1/ Hair do. My hair is short now but since my hair cut which is about 4-6 weeks ago, it grew longer and yes indeed messy. I have not idea the new hair style but I bet it's going to be shorter than now. As you know the price goes up when it gets nearer to Chinese New Year so I definitely need to get this done by at least a week before the big day. I'm kinda looking for a bit curler to pump up my less hair but it's a no no from hubby. hump....
2/ AJ Hep A booster. AJ is due for his booster jab this month. He had the first injection last year and now it's due. Must be done by the end of this month. And also to catch up with any immunisation provided by the health authority here that he missed.
3/ Work clothes aka CNY clothes. Arghh!!! The sale is everywhere and yet I'm still with no new clothes for the big event. ==" I must be hard at shopping starting new week. Imma dragging my sister along to get her opinion. I just realised I couldn't make a good decision in hunting for nice clothes. I desperately need someone with me. and Jerome too! shop for clothes! & CNY shoes!
4/ Shopping
5/ Hair cut
6/ Shopping
7/ Hair cut
8/Getting Angpao ready ==" nah...not going to care about this much as as long this makes everyone happy (of course especially AJ), it's more than I could wish for.



Alice said...

good luck neh~~ I'm also facing trouble in finding the perfect dress!!! argh!! *pulls hair* we're on the same boat~~~

P.s: oh ya just in case if u have a tie vote from conny or jerome, mms me!!! I wanna vote toooooOO

Marge said...

haha...will do....thanks