22 Jan 2010

The Pink Theme

Ehem, for the pink boy of course....is it a coincindence? You decide yourself.
Red (close to pink) to school on the day he turned 19

Had the pink towel for shower. Showing off his muscle...urgh

The hansome ekhem ekhem cool side

Then surprise! surprise!

The biggest ever present for the birthday boy...fold-blinded

AJ to merasmikan the ceremony

getting there

found his pink ribbon pressie

photo shoot first...before the grand opening (aww...he's so cute in it!!!!)

the show begins

after tremendous fight tearing the 'mahjong brown paper' wrapper. Cheap & served its purpose so who cares?

the interesting part begins here...

got the first one...

and still hunting...

after double triple check...

it's confirmed, he got a really posh pen from hubby & Lik Jian

testing the pen and ooppsss.....nice 'boat'...

another kick...

Mr handsome trying the pen

Sexy chocolate's turn

the owner's turn

the end....

Happy belated birthday boy. Good luck in your studies and wish you many many happy returns....Love ya always...


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