23 Jun 2009


Gotcha. Gotcha. LOL…

We have noticed the mouse existences in our flat just recently. How? Its sh.t was all over the food reachable place – near the rice bucket or the bin. They are recognisable easy enough that you knew it instantly without the need to send it to DNA test. Funny enough, we didn’t had the mouse-in-the-house issue since we moved in. So, we thought that the scaffold outside may have been the reason behind they come in.

Hubby first met it on Saturday when he cooked Bovril noodles for his late supper at 2-ish am while AJ and me were dreaming of enjoying each other in the clouds, me chasing AJ and AJ running and laughing happily Teehee. I was woken up by a sudden thump! I though some sort of burglar broke in maybe?!?!?

Reach out for my glasses and wearing it quickly for I fear the worst could have become, I first checked that AJ is beside me. Checked! Blessed him, he was sleeping peacefully with his feet facing towards me. =.= Then hubby. Not checked! However, I’m somehow half-eased for I know the noise could be made by hubby instead of a careless burglar who may have stupidly dropped his stolen goods.

With curiosity inside half-woken-up me, I decided to go to the next room to check on him. He won’t normally make such a big noise in the middle of the night if he stayed up late. When our eyes met, he said “A mouse followed me from kitchen, want to eat my hot delicious Bovril noodles…and it’s hiding behind the cupboard.”

Me: “how big is it?” *shocking tone*
Hubby: “bigger a bit than the previous one we had from the previous flat. I bet he was following me into the room”
Me: “so how? Can we catch it?”
So, I went to the bathroom to get a pail we normally used to put our dirty clothes. Using that pail to catch the mouse. Ei…don’t laugh because we caught 2 mice before simply blocking him from running away and using a pail to trap them which we then drove to an outskirt area to let them go.

We tried to move the cupboard a little bit to get the mouse run away but it’s so determined not to move a single inch in a hidden area. We gave up not long afterwards because I was half awake, not alert enough compared to the watchful mouse. I went back to sleep, leaving hubby to continue to have his supper with half of his attention to check on the mouse scaring it might jump over to have the noodles. The mouse was patient enough to wait for the next 3 hours only to escape to the door and back to where it lives.

The next day, I quickly checked my rice making sure it did not leave its poisonous poo / wee on the rice. Fortunately I had the lid covering the rice and cleaned up the surface where its poo is visible. And hubby started to put some mouse trap and glue. We didn’t get anything on the first night, but I did hear a running escape noise when I entered the kitchen.

Last night, I would go into the kitchen to warm up AJ’s drink bottle as I would normally do before I go to bed, then I heard SQUIRKssss. I felt weird because normally a mouse doesn’t make noises a lot and always scrambles off when the lights are on. Hubby said, we might have got the mouse. We can’t be bothered to check it because we know the glue is strong enough to hold the mouse till the next morning unless the mouse is huge which is pointless if we checked it that time or it peels its skin off to get away also pointless anyway. The glue is quite sticky as AJ glued his fingers when he first found the clean sheet. He went =.=, then had to wash his hands afterwards.

And surprise surprise, I saw not just one but TWO! TWO!!!

The mice trapped in a piece of a mouse trap glue paper. Hubby screamed with joy and awake instantly from his bed as he had this lazyness and enjoyment to lie on the bed until the very last second gene run through his blood…inherited from cute ma. Then the toilet would be his first task after bed, take shower, breakfast, and run to get the bus to get to work – all in an hour. =.= Trust me Alice has the same gene. Not sure for their two younger brothers though because I didn’t spend a lot of time with them.

OK back to our achievement. So hubby woke up. Because they are still moving trying to free themselves from the sticky glue, hubby put another glue paper on their top to make sure they are totally immovable. So it became mice sandwich with two mice as the fillings. Hubby then put the sandwich into a container and filling the container with water. One mouse has bled itself a little bit. We think it might be another mouse who tried to save its friend or it moves too much that its skin peeled off itself. Ewww….my skin hair stands up as I am writing this post.

I would normally use the container for my weekday lunch (eg bread, cake), bring it at the office on Monday then back home on Thursday. Today, hubby handed over the container for me to bin it on my way to office, adding with a sentence, “Enjoy your lunch”. Ewww….My appetite went down immediately come to think of it. Yucks! Bye container, bye mice.

Anyway, they’re gone now for good. I didn’t expect that there are two so I think we might have some more around. As you know, they breed very quickly. So we will put a new sheet of mouse glue tonight, secure all the foods and close the kitchen door so that they won’t come to our rooms when we’re sleeping. Oh yea, they finished the bait – left over wedges we had from Domino.

Bravo! Bravo!

Hoorah! Hoorah!


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