11 Jun 2009

Mama do uh oh uh oh

Move over, Lady Alice Gaga, Jimmy J Chow, Conny Lee Hom, Zatil Swift, Zura Spears, Mui mui Perry...I now proclaimed to you that I’m so into this young teenager. So I’m now the Marge P Lott. Marge P Lott. Marge P Lott. Marge P Lott. Haha...I love her voice to begin with. She’s sooo good when she sang the famous Apologise song and her debut song. In fact, I prefer her than Lily Allen or Leona Lewis. She’s set to be the next pop princess – I’m talking wayyyy better than Britney Spears.

Being a singer and songwriter all by herself and student at the same time at this young age – 18 no joke 18!!! is really awesome! Salute to her, honest! She also has her own looks so I’m looking good on her unless she ended up to be come like Amy Winehouse or Britney. Oh well...not going to that far now.

I love her debut song – mama do uh oh uh oh

And also What u do

And her acoustic versions....she indeed has a good voice...

She’s coming down to Plymouth at a joint concert with other singers on 1st July. And it does makes me wanna go too. If I’m going, this will be my first time I go to concert. But am still thinking whether I should go or not as I’m not like the other crazy fans who would go shouting, crying, flocking to the front just to get a real skin touch or fighting for his/her sweaty clothes. Yucks...I would be really happy if i could get an autograph from her personally on her album. Sound cool, right? In my dream neh neh...haha...

I think I would much prefer to listen to her music through radio or my computer. Save me lotsa of time and money. Still...am loving Pixie Lott now. Youtube to listen to the rest of her songs. I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Go Pixie! Go Pixie! Go Pixie! Woohooo!


Anyway on a complete unrelated note, I would like to share with you a shocking news today. I was listening to radio today and the news broadcaster went like this “A woman who works in a Plymouth nursery has been arrested yesterday for making and distributing child photonographic images. Images were found taken at where she works showing the nursery logo on her uniform.”

That’s when I was getting worried. Nursery? Which nursery? My heart went beating really really fast as you know AJ goes to nursery since he was 8 months old. What if a photo of his naked body was really taken without our consent and wer distributed to those filthy sex child abuser. God will only knows who has seen the images and what has been done with it. This is sooo utterly disgusting. I would be very very ver utterly flabbergasted as I totally put my trust on the nursery carer to take good care of AJ. They are just like second mother to AJ and AJ loves to go to nursery so much.

Rest assured it’s not a nursery that AJ went. Phew~~~ But my heart goes to those children whom had the images taken for the last 2 to 3 years. Now that the woman is arrested and has been charged for her offences, I’m hoping she will get a really long jail sentence for what she has done and deserves them what. Here’s the link to follow the news. Ptuik.



Alice said...

Ish.. a shocking news indeed, Marge Pixie.

Thank God it's not the one AJ went to.

Marge said...

yalo yalo...very scary...I follow the news since and the parents were all crying because of what has happend. I totally felt for them...haih...