4 Jun 2009

made by Marge

I bought 6 duck eggs from a farmer market approx 2 weeks ago and decided to make some salted duck eggs. Oh..don't get me wrong, salted duck eggs are available at chinese groceries store by the selling price is just not worth it. It's like paying for gold eggs!!! We have them...erm...maybe once in 2-3 years since our stay in UK. As soon as I knew how to make salted duck eggs =.= which was about 2 years ago =.=. I never in my life think that it's such an easy job. All you need is lots lots lots I mean really lots of salt then disolved in water enough to cover the eggs in the salted water for like 2 weeks or more. That's it! Silly me only to realise it about 2 years ago. I blame myself for not thinking this logically.

Soooo, 2 weeks later, I took one out, have it cooked and tried it.

Not bad. not bad....Apparently, the salted duck eggs is not salted enough so I have addded lots more salt hoping to get better results in another week time.



josephinechoo said...

Wow...only that easy to make salted egg??

I never realise that.

I think I gonna try too.

Margaret said...

@Josephine: indeed that easy. haha...you should give it try. Believe me your salted duck will taste extra delicious...haha

Alice said...

hehehee wah the yolk looks healthy neh~~ agree with val, the mai xiang of ur salted duck egg is good~

Margaret said...

@Alice - haha...sureeee....i choose the best eggs mah...haha