31 May 2009

Lord Mayor's day

It has been quite a while since our family photo was taken, so I decided to take a few ourselves with AJ at 16 months old yesterday evening.
My favorite of all
love this shoot as well.. AJ: what a lovely parent I have.....jealous?
from another angle
ouch...mommy...my face.... =.="

Today is yet another lovely day which we wouldn't expect in May (as May is normally known to Plymouthians as raining May) and we went to the town just for a walk. Without knowing that today is Lord Mayor's day and they're having lots of functions for all parties - adults, teenagers, children even under 5. It's a day celebrating the new Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Plymouth. Sound new to me and don't know what are they for. haha...anyway, they got parades, games, concerts, burger stalls, ships exhibitions and gun displays. I even saw a group of elders dancing a Hindi song. It's so funny. haha....even AJ enjoyed his time at the hoe...

at AJ's playing area - climbing up
walk up high....
weee.....enjoyed the soft play slide
another round, mommy...another round...

Next, the adult's area
Real guns display
aiming at one of the pigeon at the sky
Hubby picked this one...haha

then, father and son time...
hia...bend it like beckham
hehe....watch me kick
in action...

go AJ! go AJ!
saw this two lovely antic cars on display - will suit for wedding

My legs are aching after 5 hours walking in the town, climbing up and down the hill. T.T as part of my diet too..... ^_^

But we're sooooooo glad that we went out today and I'm soooo glad that I brought camera along today. hahaha....Such a lovely day and memorable family event.


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Alice said...

love the pictures~~ haha i watched earlier dy but didnt manage to comment cos Jeff wanna use his laptop..now he brought back his laptop already.. so i have to use the slowmo ancient laptop again from now onwards.. T.T