15 May 2009


Calm down hehehe….My blog is still here and still is. Unless I got a really nice free website which has more advanced post writing facility and better photos uploading facility like FB compared to blogger. Blogger is really crap at the moment when you can only upload maximum 5 photos at a time. =.=

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. I have moved officially from the centre of the building (where I work). There has been a restructure in my department (again) and desk move is needed to group the team properly. Ohh…it’s within the same building and at the same floor. I don’t mind moving around as long there’s someone to move my machine to my new desk.

And I didn’t know my new place until yesterday. It’s a window seat! It’s so cool. You can’t believe it, don’t you? Normally, you could only get a window seat if you’re a senior, team leader or a boss! Haha…

My new work area
Here’s the view outside from my window

Nice, right?

Honestly, there’s nothing peculiar to get a window seat working area. You might be like I was before you move and a few minutes after the move. It’s just another space within a building, a space for you to contribute to the company and waiting to get paid at the end of the month.

The obvious benefit you’ll get is a view from outside watching birds flying freely in the sky or occasionally a plane crosses over or a sudden thunder or snow or hailstorm or rain or be the first to see something unusual (hopefully not UFO) within your visibility area. Then shouting in front of your colleagues as it’s an open office plan “Everyone, look!” =.= It’s good to keep my brain active for image interpretation once in a while for my point of view as I’m using the computer all the time at work. And oh oh oh! I’m very close to the heater which will heat up my cold body at winter. Wooohooo….

Then after all those excitements, you’re back to the down side. You won’t know when there’s someone standing behind you and caught you slacking because too much attraction from the outside view. I'm not slacking, ok? =.= and too much sunlights coming from the window because of the direction I’m sitting at. The bright lights are making too much use of my eyes to focus on my monitor. Guess that can be avoided by putting on the blinds. That’s if my colleagues are happy with that. I might shift the monitor to the other way. But hey, I’m getting the warmth from the sun at winter. Should this be a good point? You don’t get much warmth at winter anyway. Stupid me….

There’s a give and take afterall. I moved to the window seat area a bit late today about 2 hours before I left for the day and I have counted nearly 24 birds flying in the sky. =.= It’s not that I don’t have nothing to do. My eyes were focusing in the monitor but I can still see a wee bit of the never-ending sky. Hehe….:) I’m thinking the positive side anyway – be the first to shout UFO! UFO! haha....



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Alice said...

hahaha u counted the birds?! that was funny. Window seat is nice~~~