7 May 2009

So long Sporty

This time I’m going straight to the point rather than going in circles in a bid for the guessing. Reason being I’m happy and couldn’t wait to share it with all of you but felt saddened at the mean time.

Right. Where was I? Consider me lucky. Yes, I put an advert on ebay last week. Exactly last week today. The advert promotes Sporty, a name I’ve given to our car – car for sale. So, I uploaded a few photos. Put some reserve price and descriptions to make the advert a bit more interesting. I’ve also make the starting bid from £0.99 to attract more buyers.

Several bidders make some offer but to my dismay, the price is too low and it didn’t even meet our reserve price. I went to bed even before the auction ends because I was sleepy and I knew it won’t meet to our reserve price anyway so why should I be bothered. T.T

Then out of random, I went to ebay again this morning to check what the price ended. I was right. Fortunately, I went to bed early. The price did not met. But I received an email from one of the bidder offering a price very near to our asking price! I was so excited. Wahaha...of coz I said yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

So, arrangement has been made for the test drive. The bidder drove down all the way from Somerset with his wife and son. It’s a gift to the son. That’s so sweet. I am so jealous neh~~~. I wish my parent would buy me a car also. T.T

They like the car..well the young lad likes the car. It’s a deal then! Now no more worries with the car insurance which due on the 19th, so gonna saves us some money, no more car loan commitment...hooray, no more car tax, no more petrol...yeah! £££ saved. Muahaha....

There are still some papers needed to be done so we still have the car for the next few days at the least. Sporty has been with us for the last 2 years and indeed serves us well. I still remember we had sporty a week before we found that I was expecting AJ. So, sporty took really good care of AJ by keeping him from the horrible weather. Even Alice was the only family member got the chance to meet Sporty herself. So lucky neh, Alice.

Well done, Sporty. We gonna miss you. I’m sorry that we have to lose you. You’re always biu-tee-pool (Alice’s) in our heart, Sporty. I’m sure your new keeper will take good care of you as I can see he loves you the moment he laid eyes on you. Love ya. Muacks...



Alice said...

Bye bye Sporty~~~ I will always love you no matter where you are. Be good to your new master yea T.T I will remember how you cheered AJ uplast summer with ur mirror. Making AJ laughed out loud. Stay handsome and Biu-tee-pool~~~ muahhhh

Stephen said...

Just found your new blog! Wondered why I didn't have any updates in my RSS Feed :)

Margaret said...

Steph! long time didn't hear from you. How are you doing? haha...sorry..I thought everyone will know once I change the url. so how did you know about my new blog? FB?