2 May 2009

Yes, I've made it

I have made the craziest decision ever so far. My hair is now short! It was supposed to have it cut till this weekend. But suddenly the inside me saying “Go. Just go. No second thought. You won’t regret it” when I passed by a newly open hair salon. =.= I don’t normally walked passed it, well not physically. The salon is on the same road side where my building is and I would usually crossed the road first on the first traffic light, which is just before the hair salon. Once I crossed it, then it’s opposite me. Get what I mean?

Yesterday T___T I didn’t take the first traffic light. Instead, I used the second one. T___T I initially was thinking to get a price first, no rush you see, survey for a cheap price, then if appointment needed, the receptionist said there’s a place available and I said yes. I didn’t say yes. It’s the me inside, the meeeee inside said it. ==” It’s the same thing, isn’t it? I was trying to get someone to blame.

Then this so called artist stylist came. Artist Stylist of 5 years experience. I told her what hair I would like to have. I even printed out a sample - like this

“Zip” it went. And I was shouting (inside) “shyt, it’s over.” I was trying to get it layered but she said can’t do that. It will make the hair look thinner bla bla bla...whatever...but I looked like I’m wearing a coconut hair what. I don’t care if it’s gonna make my hair look lesser but I can’t accept of having a coconut in my head until it’s long enough. It’ll be taking 2 months at least!

It’s unacceptable! Unacceptable! I’m happy with the front and side. But not at the back. Somemore, it’s costing me £20 for the service. I can’t pay £20 for a coconut head! It’s too expensive for an inedible coconut!

Obviously, I’m not satisfied with the result. I’ve called the salon and am going for another cut until it’s seen able. I can’t have a decent sleep until this coconut is gone. GONE!!!!

This is how I looked like before the cut
The outcome - The coconut hair. It's so ugly T__T
The side view
Trying to be cute while trying to settle in with the new hair
I love the front view but not at the back
Was taking a lovely pic with AJ then came a naughty one behind =.=
the newest latest photo

I have re-arranged for another hair cut else I couldn't live with the coconut hair - which makes me much more better, at the least! This time, I have requested for a layered hair behind instead of one straight vertical line.
How it looks like from the back while I tried to make AJ smile
AJ, AJ and AJ

Job done! I have to live with it from now on. With no regrets! Until they're long enough for the next hair cut.

What do you guys think? Have to be absolutely honest, k?


8 years ago today, Hubby and I began our relationship as a couple. No celebration on this big day unfortunately. I wasn't looking forward to it either. Doesn't mean that we didn't remember this glorious day. I know without this day (8 years ago), we won't be been through much until today and have AJ with us. But we think with credit crunch now and don't really enjoy the meals outside anymore, we had our normal dinner at home tonight. Home-cooked. ^_^ Happy 8th year anniversary, dear. Love you always till the end of my day.


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Alice said...

ooo the first picture taken after ur haircut makes u look like a cartoon character leh . Magdaline if i m not mistaken. But then when u comb ur fringe to the side, looks much more better. Eh, da sao, I thought u look the same as ur first short haircut summer last year o. I actually thought u look good and neat in "the newest latest photo"