30 Apr 2009

Beware! Swine Influenza Pandemic

Swine flu, be it from a pig or a human, as you may or may not aware that swine flu, like many other deadly-currently-incurable diseases for example SARS or JE, is spreading faster than we thought. Gosh, I finished it in one sentence.

I’m starting to get worried indeed and am very alerted with the outbreak everyday by plugging my ear into radio at work to get myself updated all the time, paying no attention to my colleagues conversations unless they are talking directly to me and of course doing my work at the same time :P - especially on any news related to this new virus. And again, one sentence, one full stop. =.=

There are already a few infected people who have been advised to stay at home for at least week, in other words QUARANTINE. A couple have been tested positive for Swine flu in Scotland. Another 12 year old girl has been confirmed with the same illness as well. :-( My heart goes to them. This reminds me of SARS. And with the statement from the health official that 40% of Britons could be infected if this pandemic continues till winter, is showing how serious the pandemic is and is at nerve-racking state.

The authorities also stated that no jab is currently available and effectively can cure this flu-like symptom. At least 6 months researches would be needed to get a first batch done which means thousands have been infected and died waiting for the jab. Oh! How “marvellous” is that? I am not blaming anyone here and there’s absolutely no one to be held responsible but I am really hoping this pandemic will be over soon – vanished from tomorrow or from the next minute! Next second! I demand you to be gone forever! Wish I have that mighty power!

Anyway, watch out everyone, especially the young ones, as swine flu is blind and still is spreading across the globe. Even cute ma called to ask if I have any clue about this today. Try not to go out unless it’s necessary. As you don’t know who you are meeting outside inhaling all those recycled air which others have breathed before. Also, hygiene is important.

CAUTIOUS: Some useful tips to know if you got it (advice given from Health Protection Agency to NHS doctors and nurses)
A person should be tested for swine flu if they fulfil any ONE of these three conditions:
  1. Have you got a fever with a temperature of over 39c (100f)?

  2. Have you got a flu-like illness with two or more of the following: Cough, runny nose, limb or joint pain, headache?

  3. Are there signs of another life-threatening illness suggesting of an infectious process?

  4. AND the following condition:
  5. Did the symptoms start within seven days of visiting Mexico or the U.S. states of California, Kansas, New York, Ohio or Texas?

If you do catch any of the symptoms above, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate! Just go! Go! Go to the hospital for a check-up straight away! You’ve got nothing to lose! Better be safe than sorry!

We are planning to go to Paris on this coming summer. Should we go with this epidemic spreading around so madly? Maybe not. But I wanna go to Paris…haih~~~~~ T___T

Take care.



Jenjen said...

Yes, it's awful and frightening, isn't?
Girl, take good care of you and your family there, and let's pray that everyone would get rid of this disaster soon...

Margaret said...

You're absolutely right, Jenny. Thanks...we'll take good care of ourselves here. And you too over there!

Alice said...

swine flu sigh... dunia mau khiamat liao! that's why a lot of incurable sickness happening. Paris will always be there ler. Don't worry can go anytime when it's safe enough. Who knows we can go together!! I wanna go to Paris too~~ Hehe

Also, if the flu/fever continues more than 48 hours and never seem to heal then it might be swine flu. Oh one more thing, if skin is aching also one of the symptoms.

Come back fast fast~ hehe

Margaret said...

yah yeah...i can see that the world is ending soon. haih T___T yeah..sounds like a good plan. When're you planning to come to Paris? "Holiday" with Mr Wong maybe?

Alice said...

wahahaha dunno ler..MR Wong doesnt want to fly that far just to see Eiffel Tower~~ huh huh huh naminddddd both of us and AJ go next time~ Trip to Paris 2010~~ WOOT