8 Apr 2009

The olden times

Stonehenge and Stratford-Upon-Avon, here we come! Weeeee…

Woot! It’s a long weekend, while the church-goers (suddenly I felt bad) rejoice Good Friday & Easter Monday, we’re heading to Williams Shakespeare’s town (the start and end of the life of greatest writer in English)

and...stonehenge claimed to be the world's favorite megalithis stone circle. I'm expecting to see this with my own eyes.

Now…I’m not a historic person, in fact I hate history a lot at school. Can’t remember much of the storylines but I still remember some of the heroes name – Temengung Jugah la, Rentap la, Tun Abdul Razak la, Hang Tuah la, Hang Jebat la, Masturi la. Eh..didn’t expect my memory was that good but how come I couldn’t remember what I did yesterday. haih... ==”

It going to take about 3 to 4 hours drive to Stratford and we plan to spend a day tour around the town before heading to Travelodge, which we booked last month at really bargain price £19 Easter sale (at least £60 at normal price). That’s the Friday plan. Then head to Europe’s biggest mall, just outside London – the Westfield Shopping Centre on the next day. Don’t have anything I need in mind but we shall see the offers there. Hehe…*wicked grin*

Stonehenge is our last place on our way home on Sunday. It’s claimed by the archaeologists as the complete monument blab bla bla…wiki it if you want to know the details. Val went there before and said it’s just some stones, not so peculliar so we didn’t expect to spend much time there. Maybe just pass by…haha

We had originally plan to go over to Dylan & Carol’s on Sunday, poor AJ must have miss his gf so much, Chloe. I know son, LDR is really difficult & challenging as well. But plan be changed. Poor AJ & Chloe. T___T I felt so bad…huh..I really want to enjoy this holiday…not feeling bad twice. Bad & bad..sounds like I’m aweful T__T

Fear not, son for we’re going to meet the Hon’s family. The Hon!!! Xavi, their first son is just a few months older than AJ and I can’t express in words the anticipation I’ve been waiting for. At our xmas trip last year, we planned to pay a visit when we stopped by Leeds. Alas, they were away. T__T So I have been harassing them since then, Gordon especially on how often he broke his promise and named him as the King of aeroplane. Haha…now that we were informed of his latest plan yesterday, I’m praying & crossing fingers very hard very hard so that his plan won’t be changed at the last minute. Haha…

It’s gonna be good and will sure take a lots of photos….




Alice said...

woo hoo enjoy enjoy! take lotsa pics~~ go crazy! hahaha

Margaret said...

will do will do..haha...can't wait