15 Apr 2009

Recycle your unused phone

Hello everyone!

Miss me a lot neh. haha....Sorry for leaving you guys with no news. As mentioned from previous post, we were away from Plymouth and totally no access to Internet. Just the 3 of us enjoyed every moments.

It was a short trip, unexpectedly raining but we missed not much. We arrived Plymouth on Sunday and spend some nice time with the Eh Gordon (greeting everyone with eh not names), beautiful Joline and cute Xavi.

Anyway, I got this when I checked email just now. wah..I'm so happy.

My old phone Nokia 6120 is not working anymore, thanks to AJ so lovingly throwing the phone to the ground while he's having his meal. Nokia 6680, previously owned by hubby, then gave away to Alice which she used a few years in Malaysia. She as well RIP not long after Alice brought her over to UK...obviously thanks to AJ again. =.=

Next, their destination is the bin of course. Not until I saw this promotion offered by Boots the Chemist. Trade in your unused phone for points. Get 300 boots points (1 point for 1p) for faulty mobile. I thought..wahh...then I could get 600 points equivalent to £6. Although it's not much but at least I can get something in return, right? No pain, no gain, mate. haha...

To my surprise, I didn't just get 600..but I got 4697 points. Nice~~~~ very nice~~~~ Now I could redeem those points on some nice goods for FREE. especially on AJ's stuff. AJ medicine's la, nappies la, wipes la, baby food la, la la la...la la la...la la la...haha...

Ok ok....I know I still owe you guys the summary of our Easter trip. Photos are coming soon. Promise!

I have only slept for 5 hours yesterday because we were chatting non stop with Gordon and Joline. Working in the office today was dreadfully long but luckily I have some projects to keep me busy & awake. T___T So am still recovering from inadequate rest. But it was all worth it! I am starting to miss the Hons T___T! Terribly~~~~


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