3 Apr 2009

My name is Margaret

Have you ever ponder the meaning of your name? Any part of you name, be it just your Christian or Chinese (if you’re a Chinese). This reminds me a lot of what I have used to known for.

My first name (other than my surname) is Margaret. When I was younger, I really hate my name. I even asked my mom why my name is Margaret.

Why? Here’s why. I grew up in a town with most of the Chinese speaks fuchow. I don’t speak fuchow much but I can understand quite well. I aged 12 (primary 6) when a boy classmate didn’t call my name properly. He slurred it in fuchow PURPOSELY!

“Mar-gie-rei, have you finish your homework? Can I borrow it?”
“Mar-gie-rei, do you write down what was on the blackboard? I missed it”
“Mar-gie-rei, can I borrow your eraser?”
“Mar-gie-rei, can I borrow your dictionary?” haha…I was so stupid and don’t know why I bring a thick dictionary to school everyday. EVERYDAY! I walked to school carrying in with my hands because my school bag is full of textbooks. Luckily the school is literally just 5 minutes walk. Phew~~~~ I nearly forgot about this until hubby reminded me. He was my classmate!

"Mar-gie-rei"... "Mar-gie-rei"... "Mar-gie-rei"...

Translating Mar-gie-rei into English means the shyt of horse’s and chicken’s. So my name is The shyt of horse’s and chicken’s Lee XXXX XXXX (Chinese name), huh. T___T So upsetting, aint it? I was so upset, in fact depressed, when people call me that that I really wanted to change my name. I even blame my mother for choosing that name. and I hate fuchow people.

Some people couldn’t even spell or call my name properly. Margeret or Margerat or Mergaret, Margret. How fascinating is that?

To be honest when thinking back over what happened during my schools time, I was bullied indirectly. But then I didn’t really give much thought of it probably because I don't want to stress about it. All I want is to focus on my studies. And hey, it works. So there's not much sweet memories in schools.

Orite, where was I again? Right, my name....

Humm...the callings continued a few years later. And I realised it stopped when I ignored those who call me the aweful name. haha.....

Then as Internet become common as years passed by, I began searching the real meaning behind my name. It was mother-of-pearl. Wow! That's was so awesome. woot~~ even great, my name was called correctly and precisely with the correct tone for the first time by someone I forgot but I remembered it was in UK. haha...

Indeeeed, I'm now married to fuchow husband, I don't hate fuchow people anymore. Margaret is such a lovely name and I don't even care now when Hubby sometimes jokingly called me using the aweful slang. Between, I still remember who's that boy who so "creative" calling my name that way. Note that it's not hubby.


Oooo...AJ not just having a tooth. But two!!!! We found another one at the back. It's a big one. And thankfully, his apettite has gone back up. to his normal aptitie and I'm extremely delighted to see him back to himself again. He still has a little bit of coughing every now and then but indeed is getting better and better everyday.

Thanks for your prayer, guys~~~~ a big mwuarhhhhh to you all...



Alice said...

*nod nod nod* mother of pearl *nod nod nod* mar-gie-rei *nod nod nod*

Margaret said...

huh...u're light-ing the fire up. wait till I see you in person, i'll kick ur bump myself...blerk....queen aeroplane...wahahaha