7 Apr 2009

Lord Louis

I was supposed to do this on Sunday, but I was too exhausted and I'm sure you wouldn't mind to wait for another to see the photos. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :)

*** Saturday ***

AJ was too bored doing nothing playing with the same toys at home, so we went out for a walk around the new housing blocks

take note on where he's standing
oii...wait for mummy!
paused to look at the cars
mom, this house is for sale.
again, take note what he's trying to do
and again...I noticed that he enjoyed stepping on those =.=
then he posed for the camera
AJ: tadah..I'm so geng~~~

*** Sunday ***

Heard this is a good place pub & restaurant...
and saw this lovely blossom tree...
our meals...mine wasn't that nice though. it's served in cold. blerk!
under the sun, AJ walking around so freely...
oi!!! stop taking me photos, Mr. paparazi...
nah..the cap to cover the lenses
haiya, why keep taking my photos?
ada leng lui? flower on my ear...cute neh~~~
then, we head to the Hoe
the boys enjoyed ice-cream outside while me
inside with air-cond on. sweet~~



Alice said...

The treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ahahaa

Conny said...

aj....!can walk himself liao...!
our house icecream more nice la...

Margaret said...

@Alice: yah...I was amazed when I saw the tree. still is...

@Conny: yeah..he's more stable now. now he wants to walk himself. I know our own icecream is better but there's no daddy's icecream here la. wat to do when I miss ice-cream??