17 Apr 2009

Easter trip 2009 - Westfield

Day 2 - Westfield (11-04-2009)

About 2 hours drive from Stratford, we reach Westfield - the biggest shopping mall in UK, I think. Hmmm....
outside view of the mall - so huge~~~
electronic car park - cool~~~
The tech even goes to map information pod, touch pad screen but wasn't sensitive enough. So, we ended up walking by ourselves using paper map
Lucky hubby huh - me and AJ were in the restaurant at that time.

and guess what! He managed to record a quick snap of their acts. They're imitating their TV character. Very good, I can tell you especially Bart, the younger Simpson

didn't realise they're still producing Cola in their trademark bottle.
burger...very nice~~~
AJ had his 1st taste on Cola
The big easter bunny
AJ: Oii...you come here! come here! at this instant, I said!
Look at the store's ceiling. Very nice~~~

The mall is very big indeed to be honest but we don't have things to buy (not much sales), so we thought let's stop by at the China town for some nice meal. Misato~~~~~ We're not so far away anyway. About 20 mins drive, says the SatNav. Only to reach there after more than an hour drive =.= There was some kind of protest by the Pakis / Indian on stopping the war. or maybe not! Many road were blocks and as such traffic, traffic and traffic. There was no turning back ~~~ haih ~~~ We shall never again drive in London.

You know what, there was once our car didn't move an inch for nearly 10 minutes. We were just in front of a traffic light and we saw the lights turned from red, orange, green, back to red again and again for 4 times! and we still didn't move a bit!!!! Can you believe it? and we were just within 10 minutes walk (15 the most) to the Chinatown! I wish we could just park the car there and walk there straight away.

And there was a stall selling bags just by the street and I saw one I really like while stuck in the traffic. Bright yellow about the same size which cute ma bought for me. Would be great to put my stuff in there. I could have just go down and buy the bag and come back to the car in that kind of traffic. But I don't have cash with me T___T Why is it so hard to get a bag I really like?
Thanks again SatNav while we're stuck in the traffic. =.=
My fav~~~ pork ginger bento from Misato

Right, we only spend 2 hours in Chinatown. The parking was so expensive. Can you believe it? £9 for just 2 hours. Freaking expensive! Of course we didn't have time to sit and have a relaxing meal at Misato. We ordered take away! We managed to hit some groceries shop to get egg tart, wife's biscuits, cup noodles, guava~~~ hoh, I just realised they have guava in UK! my favorite. Guava...again expensive, so only bought tiga biji. T___T We spend a fortune in just that 2 hours. Very scary~~

Right, Travelodge next for a good rest. Without doubt, AJ was so happy running or rather walking excitedly everywhere in the room. and oh, we had to request to change to the next door room because the first room is smell of smoke. Luckily, they have a spare room. AJ enjoyed playing in this small bottom shelf.


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Alice said...

wah that coca cola bottle is antique and the pork and ginger bento is making me salivate. Haha