27 Apr 2009

How we spend our weekend

Right, I know it has been a while since my last post. It’s not that I didn’t want to write but I don’t have any interesting topics to “brag” about. When you read this post, this means otherwise lo..haha...

So, let’s get on, shall we?

We went to Exeter this morning. It was Rudolf’s idea, he was looking for a golf club as the JJB sports store in Exeter has a golf club testing facility. And since he was looking for someone to go with him, since hubby is also interested to get a full set of golf clubs himself, since we don’t have any interesting plan to do other than stuck at home goyang kaki (doing nothing).

JJB wasn’t open when we reach there, so we went to the store next to it – TKMaxx. And I saw this lovely blue and white beautiful evening dress (£49.99). The moment, I laid my eye on it, I was saying to myself “Wah...this is definitely a dress I would go for for my wedding” haha...I didn’t mean for a second wedding. Certainly not. I did bought a dress at the same price so I’m satisfied. I’m just trying to point out that I would definitely buy this dress as my second wedding dress. Haha...

Anyway...JJB next...While the guys are window shopping, I then...hehehe \grin
hmm...which one should I go for?

let me down...I wanna choosing my golf club
haha...I love this pic. he's so cute
While Rudy's busy choosing his driver
AJ and daddy are choosing the right junior golf club
Testing testing...
put some power in, then swing....
not to forget...a picture ...nice~~~

We didn't buy any in the end. The boys said it would be more cheaper to buy online. So, we went back to Plymouth afterwards. It was just a 3 hours trip and was around lunch time when we reach Plymouth, we went to Kaoshi - a new Japanese restaurant in the city.
==" can't believe it when the drinks arrived. small but £££ T_T
Rudy's chicken ramen soup
My special ramen soup - very fresh prawn
the rest of the gang had bento
and Kok Fung - apologies for the quality

The food were nice but the price are quite dear. Definitely a no no next time. I don't really know how can they survive in this kind of economy. But maybe they're full in the evening, we never know, do we?

That's what we did today. No photos for yesterday but a video for you all to enjoy - AJ's favorite games he really loved. There're 4 parts taken on Friday evening, yesterday morning, afternoon and evening. Enjoy!



Alice said...

So bad la disturbing him while he is sleeping. This video is so fun to watch. Cant wait to hug him tight again~~

Alice said...

oh aj knocked himself again ar?

Margaret said...

haha...who ask him to disturb our sleep every morning since the first time he saw us? only disturb him once nia..so nvm lor...

wah..your eyes is really good. yeah he knocked himself. He doesn't always look the way he's going and there's one time he's not balance and bump his forehead into a chair. T__T so ooh cheh lo...haih

Conny said...

tat one...kacau him when sleep d veli funny er!!!wohahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!he still can wake up sit at ter for 2 second o!!ahahaha!!

Margaret said...

haha....cos he heard us going out to play mah. He wanna join but no energy liao...wahahaha