16 Apr 2009

Easter trip 2009 - Stratford Upon Avon

Day 1 - Stratford Upon Avon

The town itself is quite small but it's certainly a tourism attraction town. You could see lots of people snapping photos here and there under the rain. Of course, we too... :)

Love this flower bloom at its peak
The house where William Shakespeare was born and grew up
Not forgetting me and AJ
Found this "alive" motionless statue
just a typical restaurant in the town centre
HSBC the old bank - excuse my hair, blame it on the wind
The New Place - where William Shakespeare left the world
Found this lovely garden next to it

Look at the view of the garden, how I wish I own such a nice garden
Next, some light shopping - AJ make himself comfy as well
in the tray it went....opps, nearly
AJ is glued to the TV at the hotel =="

Ah, we did something silly. Actually, we've been fooled. Before we head to the travelodge for the stay, we wanted to stop at Tesco get some cakes or buns for breakfast the next day. So, we hit search for nearest food store in the sat nav which we borrowed from Rudolf. Right, according to the sat nav, the nearest tesco will be about 20 mins drive. hmm..it's must a big tesco so we head off. To our surprise, as we drove according to the map, we're heading towards Birmingham. Birmingham? No, we just wanted to go to a Tesco store. Just a tesco ~~~~

Why oh why? Why couldn't you just bring us to a Tesco..I'm sure there's a tesco in Stratford. We're already in the middle of the journey, so we thought...right...continue the journey anyway. When we arrived, our mouth were wide opened, couldn't believe our own eyes. Rubbing our eyes for a few times, pinching ourself to make sure we're not dreaming....We've arrived Tesco Express (a small store by Solihull, another small town / village nearby) =.= no joking, mate. Tesco Express, the smallest Tesco store =.=

Thanks Sat Nav for wasting our petrol and bringing us to the small store with not much selection on foods. =.= Waste our aweful lots of time. and petrol too! haih...Blame on ourselves also for depending heavily on the sat nav. haih~~~~

But anyway, we're enjoyed the stay. AJ was running & screaming everywhere in the hotel. haha...because he has been sitting in the car and pushchair throughout the journey.



Alice said...

very pretty desu~~ lovely place lovely garden, lovely flowers~~~
not so lovely satelite navigator.. ahaha

Margaret said...

yalo...Loved the view in Stratford.

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