29 Apr 2009

My Ultimate Decision

Decided. The decision has been made. I have been thinking this for months. It’s not that I don’t want too. It’s just I love them and it would be such a waste to throw away my babies after months caring them. But I guess I have to go by nature anyway.

I am really jealous of those who took extremely good care and they look so nice~ on them. I don’t know but I bet at least 2 hours is spent to make it seen-able, envied by people (me as an example) and praised for the greatness. They are willing to spend so much time even though it’s just for a few hours outing, well unless they keep it for tomorrow or the day after. *couldn’t be bothered to go into details*

Yes, I agree that they play a part of your appearance. The people judge you by their cleanliness and neatness by just looking at it. Even from behind! Look at her! Suet Lee looks so good with that. I love Alice’s too as well. Wah…I was so jealous when I look at Joline’s. I wish I had some of hers in mine. Even guys can do it well!

Haha… I have just realised that I like to add some juicy bits intro before I actually gone into the main topic. Maybe I enjoyed to add a bit flowery with some adds-on, spooky with increasing curiosity yet fun, so that you guys will keep on guessing what I am talking about (just like my ex-classmates whom tried to figure out why I brought a big heavy dictionary to school everyday). =.= Haiyah, so that you guys won’t be feeling so bored reading my post.

Right, I got carried away again…

Have you got any clue what I’m talking about yet? Don’t tell me you’ve got it from the beginning. Aww….I’ve been spending ages thinking the best way to describe it without mentioning the word directly. It took aweful lots of time to put them down in words, you know. Well…not that aweful anyway but the brainstorming really is pulling my hair out.

Yes, I’ve just spit it out. Yes, yesh…*finally admiting it* it’s about my hair. I have decided to have my hair short. To start with, I don’t have much hair, or to be exact, my hair is tiny size type and low volume (Now I know where AJ has his hair inherited from – from me! Which I inherited from my dad! Then from my granpa?). I’m starting to worry that I may gone bold within the next few years. May need to super super curly my hair like my grandma’s *sob sob in the corner* T___T

Having it short, I believe will make my hair looks fuller. And lighter sure. Haha. Hubby has been complaining about my messy hair for a while already. Whenever he drops me off at work, he would said “remember to check yourself out in the washroom when you’ve arrived”. Not all the time, k. ==”

I didn’t really enjoy tying my hair up because if I have often find myself spending 1 HOUR at least just to tie it up nicely everytime. That was at my secondary school. Imagine that I had to wake up 5 am in the morning just to tie my hair. Though it’s just a simple bind, I couldn’t leave my hair tied up with some edges left behind. It was this phobia. Even if I tried, I would end up in class doing my hair again. Because my hair is so little, so when they’re tied up and if it’s not properly covered up, my head skin will be exposed leaving me look even more ugly.

With years of suffering, I had the last 2 years of schooling in short hair. It was not long till I have them long back because I miss them. =.= I spent most of the time leaving my hair untied. Freedom mah. I couldn’t be bothered to style it most of the time because I’m lazy what haha….

I know you guys may find it’s an excuse for a lazy person. But if you’re at my place, you won’t say that. “Yeah, yeah. They say the same thing” But I would prefer spend the extra time caring of AJ. Since I have AJ, 24 hours a day is not enough for me. AJ demands for every attention especially now that he can walk, I need to be with him every single seconds in case he bump into something. =.=

Plus, I have nothing to lose anyway. If it’s not looking good, it will grows back sooner or later…shyt…but suffering months of hating the look with the short hair is kind of depressing. Maybe hair extensions. Eeee…talking about hair extension, I was watching a CSI episode (my favourite TV series) and they’re saying there’re bugs living on the hair extensions gotten from a dead body. Yuck. Imagine you have hair extension (from a dead body) in your head and having those bugs crawling in it…so disgusting. I would rather use head scarf to cover my ugly hair (if it is) than using hair extensions.

I’m gonna miss my very own long hair. Luckily, I had my wedding done already so I don’t have to worry much of what to do with short hair. There’re so many things you can do with the long hair - especially on special occasions. Having it short might not be that bad afterall. Plus, if I need it long again (on a sudden day), I could get a fake one from the markets anyway. Not hair extension! The thought of wearing fake hair is highly unlikely anyway haha….we shall see how it goes.

Right, I am heading to saloon while Jimmy cares for AJ this weekend. Gonna ask hubby to pay for the bills (as he has said so 2 months ago). If I still have the courage to do so... woot!

I need to find out what kind of a short hair style to go for. Googling tonight. Any suggestions anyone?

Sien, I need to change my writing style.



Alice said...

wahahaha i thought make up leh~
Don't cut too short o~ later AJ cannot differentiate who is who pulak haha
Amm... cut till in between the length of ur jawline n shoulder should be ok gua. Then front part make a side bang. Sui sui

Carol ch'ng said...

yes, short hair is definitely easy to look after and low maintenance. after having years of long hair, short hair made me feel so much comfortable leh...go go gal!

Margaret said...

@Alice: that's my plan..not too short and not too long..hmm....definitely will be longer than my previous one.

@Carol: totally agreed. low maintenance i'm looking for. haha....