18 Apr 2009

Easter trip 2009 - Stonehenge & Newquay

Day 3 - Stonehenge (12-04-2009)

Yeap, Stonehenge was our last destination before heading home. to meet the Hons which we haven't met for nearly 5 years. We can't wait to meet Xavi ourselves too. Very excited indee~d.

We took the country road instead of the motorway so that we can stop at Stonehenge. The place is full of tourists O.o...not surprisingly though, when it's bank holiday the next day. We didn't bother park our car and go into there walk a circle and listen to the portable hand radio. We couldn't touch the stones with our own hand what. Plus it's basically the same when you took the pictures from the fence outside.
You could see it from a distance
Here for a closer view

*nod nod* The waiting is finally over. *nod nod* They arrived a few hours after we reach home. Gordon is still the same old Gordon. Joline is still the same beautiful Joline. An~d Xavier is new to us. You know what Gordon still remember what we did last summer. "Wah~~ I still remember what you did last summer." He said. "Especially that Nonong" Nonong is an ex-classmate of Jimmy at University and went with us for summer holiday to Leeds, Gordon's place.

==" The story goes like this, we were staying at Gordon's for a few days. On the second / third day, Gordon's plumbing system got sick. Don't know why but the basement were flooded. Flooded with yuckie dirty stuff. Fortunately, we're living on the floors above it. haih...and they're really smelly. We felt really guilty to leave such a mess. and Gordon still remember what has happened until today. haha...

OK, where was I?

Xavi is really cute. He giggles almost everything. haha...I so love all his actions. AJ was a bit shy at first but within minutes AJ and Xavi become best friends. They got really well together. Make me wanna have another baby again ~~~~ =.=

AJ loves Gordon wei...

Here's a video of AJ and Xavi

Day 4 - Newquay (13-04-2009)

It was planned to go to Newquay the next day but Gordon's friend said they shouldn't miss Newquay and since we still haven't been there ourselves, so why not? To our dismay, it was raining when we arrived. We hit a pub straight away since we're hungry.
Hubby's beef & bacon burger with cheese
Gordon's chicken hunters
while AJ sits on the high chair
Xavi in the pushchair taking J2O
Both the couple. I told ya...Joline is pretty neh~~~
Hubby enjoying his lunch
AJ wasn't happy to sit in his highchair too long doing nothing
Aint the beach so awesome?

I love the Newquay beach and we would certainly go there again soon. Soon when the weather is good. Woot~~ Can't wait. haha...

The next day, hubby, AJ and I went back to the normal life, AJ to nursery and the rest to work. While Gordon and the family head off to Eden's project before going back home.



Joline said...

told you already I'm sooooo FAT wanna pengsan!!!!! My last pic cannot see ppl lar take it off plssssss..hahahahah..mata julin one!!!! the video's so so funny both me and gordon were laughing like siao langs. Can I cut and paste from here?

Anywayz we're really glad to see you guys after so many years and thanks so so much for having us. Kisses, Joline x

Alice said...

Jolene is a hot mama~ =)

So nice to see AJ and Xavi playing together.

Margaret said...

@Joline: where got mata juling? hardly notice an inch. anyway, have removed it ...haha...sure you can cut and paste. I have somemore, let me know if you want a copy

@Alice: yalo...She's really hot, man. I wish I had her beautiful face with the sexy smile neh...

Alice said...

dont fret. You're unique in ur own way leh. You've got the smexy japanese and traditional chinese look when u put on Kimono or cheongsam~~

Joline said...

@Marge: thank you thank you for taking it off. muakss..ya ya..love a copy if that's ok!! Hope it's not too much trouble!! :*)

@Alice: no lar where got hot?? pui pui like a pig got lar!!! but thanks anywayz. you're too kind! ya ya i totally agree with you - Marge is one pretty lady, just look at her wedding photos makes me drool!!!! :P~~ just wanna eat her up..hahahhaa..