2 Apr 2009

April's fool Valentine

It's April's Fool day. I didn't get pranked today ~phew~ until I read Alice post. =="" But at least I wasn't pranked physically. wahaha....

On the other hand, we took half day off today. No other reason. No reason at all, come to think of it!
"What?!" Yes, I'm not fooling you guys
"Are you nuts?" No, well..maybe a little bit
"What for?" Just the two of us together.

Hubby said sporty (our car) needs 2 of the back tyres changed. He's planning to take the half day off. I said I would like to join him. As AJ is in good hands, so there's not need for me to worry much. Just the two of us~~~~~

Still can't believe a word I'm writing here? To prove my honesty (since there's no free lie detector here), I took some photos of our today's activity.
heading towards a restaurant for lunch
Hubby still in his working shirt
we had chicken with mango & lime. not bad
with salad
and extra sauces..yum
Then I saw this. I'm indeed a messy eater
Me while hubby went to toilet
at car's clinic

We went to pick AJ from the nursery today. As AJ didn't see me much, he was so excited (screaming) when he saw me at the door. I felt the same way too...sweet neh~~~ haha...I know you're jealous already...especially you Alice or Connie! haha...

Right, working tomorrow....Before that, restaurant city~~~~ my Jelobi baby restaurant

and oh oh oh...as everyone is waiting for, latest video of AJ



Alice said...

believe it or not i m the second viewer of this video on youtube hahhaa means i watched that video first before I head to ur blog~~cos I know u have a new post when u uploaded the video~ cham lo i can detect ur online-ing time too~~ hahahaa
nice or not my prank?? last minute idea

Margaret said...

eh...are we really not sisters ah??not prank..but chilly la...haha...

Alice said...

hahaha ya lo wait till i confront cute ma first later see if u're our long lost sister

Margaret said...

haha...don't lar...u wanna me kena shoot twice meh