1 Apr 2009


There has been a change to my company’s working hours. I would say, it’s quite big as it affects my personal life. This subject was brought to our (employees) attention around Christmas last year. Because of the vagueness information when we were briefed, I didn’t mention about it until this has confirmed.

And guess what? Yipeee!

Time waits for no men (women on top), this project is going ahead as far as I can see. I just signed the new contract detailing the change of working hours. The executive board believe this brings benefits to both the company and us. I certainly support for this new pattern for it affects my personal life too.

With effect tomorrow, my weekly working hours is reduced from 37.5 to 35 hours. Isn’t it great? This would mean I’ll get to off work early each day.

To be honest, I’m ok to work from 8 till 6 but the long working hours are too long and leaving me exhausted at weekends. Don’t get me wrong. I would still prefer for the 5 days workload in 4 working days even though it is going to leave me weary for I want to care for AJ myself. I don’t want to detach myself too much from AJ.

And as a result of clinging too much with AJ, he’s clingy to me as well. Follow wherever I go. Want to be carried and eyes follow to whatever I do. T___T haha…speaking of which, AJ did some stir fry himself the other day after saw me cooking for a few times. Sabar sabar, photos at the end.

I do feel that I need some Marge personal time especially on Saturday or Sunday albeit for an hour only……for my beauty nap. Because I’ve used too much energy at work! ==”

Thanks hubby for being so understanding. He has to entertain AJ when I need the time myself. This at least gives some father and son time neh~~~What's more, he has to see my extremely strenuous pulling face once a week because I’m so drained. Poor hubby…haha…

Right…I got carried away again, didn’t I? Where was I?

Okok…yes now that it is confirmed, I aint gonna work till 6!!!! By taking just half an hour break, I can now off at 5:15pm. This would also mean I don’t get any free lift home anymore T____T

So I would be better off walking home that only just take 15 minutes – a slight exercise add-on to get back to sexy size. Great! I would be reaching home first, greeting hubby and AJ with a warm smile. Great great!

Then, we could have dinner early. Great great great! More time for me to rest. Great x 4 –lazy to type so many words but come to think of it, when I am writing this or typing to be precise, I’m actually doing the same thing =.= and still is typing. More time with AJ (great x 5) and more smiles at weekend (great x 6). *finger-crossed*

This is a perfect plan of so many greatnesssssssssssss. There’s no charge for greatness, it’s the enjoyment of greatness you’re looking for. So great-nya…Now you see that it’s affecting my personal life right?


Oh…nearly forgot to give update on AJ’s health. He’s still recovering. It’s better than last week. Expect a slow recovery due to windy cool weather and without medication. You could hear a lot of mucus when he coughes. He starts eating now but still on low amount. Diarrheoa thankfully has ended. I can see his new teeth. Sharp edges…better watch out when I wash his mouth with my finger.

Now that the winter is nearly over, it’s getting warmer now. I’m hoping that AJ will be feeling better soon. And bring him out to walk on warm sunny day.

Here comes the photos of little naughty baby (oppss…toddler)
Chi Cha Chi Cha..King Kang King Kang
AJ starts throwing things after his bath
his toys floating~~~
shopping at his favorite stores
Posing with daddy



Alice said...

wow! the new working policy is GREAT x 28. I wish our company can do the same too~~ Sienz..

hahaha AJ looks very 38 with pot, fork n spoon. Very cute 38 hahaha in the last picture I thought he is wearing a huge shoes leh. Upload video upload video~~~that one Ah go said aj being rebelious that one.

Alice said...

sorry sorry not 38 i meant si lai. hahahaha i was confused with the meaning previously.. cham lo.. makin bodoh after the bump hahaha

Margaret said...

hahaha....at least he's doing something on his own while I'm busy in the kitchen. Else, he'll keep asking for a cuddle.

not bodoh lar...but blur....wahahha