19 May 2009

I love you, Rudolf!

Ok, let me be clear first as you know rumours (especially the fake) spreads really fast. I’m not having affair with Rudy nor having any marital problem with hubby nor family problem with my in-laws nor having mother & son problem with AJ. So Val, close your wide open eye and mouth or maybe you’re start laughing already haha….same thing goes to you, hubby.

Today is our first official working day CAR-LESS I repeat CAR-LESS!!! I couldn’t imagine how we can cope without Rudy’s help. If you’re reading my previous post, Sporty left us because he has a good offer from his new owner. Who would ever give up the only chance being famous and handsome as long as he lives? I believe he’s all equipped with 18” rim set of tyres and probably with leather seat. Cool~~~ I miss you Sporty.

Ok, AJ is changing to a new nearer nursery for our convenience starting next month. As our insurance expired tomorrow and as we can’t be bothered to pay for another year of car insurance, we decided to sell Sporty. The plan went smoothly and I’m indeed very proud of the smooth progress. Of course, thanks to me for managing the project so well. *hidung tinggi* tsk tsk tsk….

We are well aware of the hassle without Sporty, especially to get to AJ’s daycare which is about 10 minutes drive from where we live. And it’s not until beginning of next month that he’s going to a nearer daycare about 10 minutes walk. So we kinda ‘forced’ Rudy in a nice way of course, asked for Rudy’s help to be exact :P, to accommodate us with the car transport until the end of this month. Just to send us to work and AJ to daycare and of course subject to his availability and car availability. He will be picking hubby and AJ up later in the evening leaving me to walk home. I’m fine with the walking. A bit of exercise for me…haha…Rudy said he can see my little wee bit stomach bump…not pregnant, though. xD

Rudy’s car is now converted to a family car with a proper baby on board sign and car seat. Now he could just park his car at a wide car space strictly for parent & toddler parking area at Tesco for grocery shopping and the best thing is it’s near to the entrance and sometimes within sheltered area.

Poor Rudy, he has to wake up so early in order to help us. But I’m sure he doesn’t mind. If anyone is wondering who is Rudy - the face behind the mask. Everyone, this is him I'm talking about.
FYI, the big guy

Thanks Rudy! Thanks a lot! I love you from the bottom of my heart. Although you know you can't be the top as AJ is always the top, then hubby, then family la, la la la at least you're in my heart...always and forever. Your help mean a lot for me. A million million thankxxxxx.

Unfortunately, I’m married already and my sister is too young for you, Alice is taken already and what the heck, Rudy you yourself have already taken. Don’t beat me. girls! :P

Rudy is planning to sell his car before his car insurance expired which is the end of this month. Anyone interested with Peugeot 307 (2005) White 5 door hatchback diesel approx 95K miles in good condition? Not available for sale transfer for the next 6 working day though (till 28th). Tsk tsk tsk..I’m just being selfish..no la….seriously, who’s interested, let me know and I’ll pass your message across. If the sale goes well, I’m sure he wants to get it done before his car insurance expired.

6 more working days and counting….then on the 1st of June, AJ is going to a new daycare in his pushchair with hubby pushing before going to the bus stop to go to his office and having me to pick him up after work. Woohoooo! Can’t wait!



Alice said...

Thank you rudolf for taking care of my loved ones~~~ muahhh

time to build up the stamina~ Go Go GO~~ Woosh woosh~~

Margaret said...

woosh woosh~~~