4 May 2009

Happy day again

Another sunny day...hehe...and we're not going to miss this opportunity. Nope, not a chance. Definitely not after months being quarantined at home due to winter. We head to town in the morning for some shopping for...
AJ's new vests
Hubby's addidas clothes

and also hubby's jean! haha...let me show you in pictures why he finally decided to have a new jean
I tried to save the jean (look at the scar around the jean) but it can't survive from a powerful heart attack about 3 months ago...T.T
we did some surgery
whola...a new short sexy jean

The new jean he bought today is totally in different colour, dark indigo with some tone somemore. and oh oh oh, the coolest thing is the jean doesn't have a zip on it. Buttons to fasten up. I wonder how is he going to be able to un-button them when he's really in need...like it's gonna go in the next second. haha =.= Sorry no photo taken on the new jean yet because I forgot what. and it's kinda late when I'm doing this posting, so I can't be bothered to take a photo and going through the fussy procedure because I'm tired already. I want to finish this off quick so that I can off to bed soon.
A glance of me for no reason

Next, Wembury beach!
love the sea view. it's so lovely
and so as the water
AJ loves beach-ing as well

have to hug him for a proper photo =.=
a random pose from the guys. all with "seluar pendek" (shorts)
playing with the stones
Kok Fung caught a crab and wanted to show AJ but then he fell down =giving all his weight onto the crab and the shell broke. ==" Poor little crab
Then he said some prayers to the crab
I'm sorry, crab! Please forgive me. RIP!!! Don't find me tonight

got AJ a wind mill and he loves it when it's in full spin

The beach is so lovely and we didn't realised there's a lovely beach not far - just 15 minutes drive. If we knew that earlier, we would certainly go there with Alice or Gordon, Joline and Xavi.

Right, there's a video of AJ in the beach but as I said, I'm sleepy already. Will do it tomorrow if nothing comes up. Till then...



Alice said...

i cannot stop laughing when i imagine KF WWF-ed the poor lil crab!

P.s: My colleague, zura, said she wants to pinch AJ soooooooooooo much dy.

Margaret said...

yalo...poor little crab. but AJ had fun in the beach anyway. bought a few stones back home even! haha...