29 May 2009

Quick update

While most Chinese over the world having dumplings to celebrate this festive day, I went to work, so did hubby and AJ. We didn't know today it is the day until I've received wishes from my friends. Thanks to them..haha...We didn't have any dumplings either. T.T Not to worry...

At the meantime, today is the last day AJ goes to Kings nursery. He's changing to a new nursery nearer to where we live. The change is necessary for better mobility as we have sold our car about two weeks ago. It is also the last day Rudy sent and get AJ to the day care. Thanks Rudy for his huge help.

To be honest, I think AJ will missed the nursery. I've starting to miss it myself already. He really enjoyed his time there from just looking at the photos and learnt a lot from there too. He's going to a new nursery - Bambinos starting on Monday with hubby sending him off in the morning and me picking him up at the evening. Woot! can't wait...

He'll having a few hours settling in session tomorrow and I'm hoping that he'll be doing fine. Expect some tears from him. Can't escape! *wishing he won't though

Speaking of tomorrow. 3 years tomorrow. excatly 3 years I've since worked with my company. Gosh...time flies quick. Hubby is using bus to reach his office from tomorrow. Poor him has to wake up earlier as he has to walk for about 15 mins to the bus stop. A good exercise for him though.

I know this may not be new to you guys but I just watched the oscar award winning movie - the Slumdog millionaire. In short, I enjoyed it. Probably because I myself is a fan of Hindi movies. Weird, huh! I used to spend my afternoon watching TV Hindi movies and I'm a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor, Amitabh Bachan.

Right, back to the movie. I love the youngest Salim. He's so cute and I can't believed he actually jumped down through the toilet hole into a pool of dirty smelly shitty just to get an autograph from Amitabh Bachan. That's so unbelieveable. Salim is not clever nor educated but the life he had since childhood had earn him the winner in the who wants to be a millionaire Hindi version. He went through a really cruel and tough life but I'm satisfied with the happy ending. If you haven't watch it, you should watched it.

Guess what! I scaled myself today and was shocked to know that I've gained 3 kg threeeee kg since my holiday. I know I've talked about going back to the diet regime but I didn't managed to stop my cravings. No one to blame in this case as this is all my fault. But I'm blaming on my nosy hands and mouth with the persuasion from my brain. So, I'm now on strict diet. No more ice-cream, less meaty, lotsa vege & fruits even though I'm so sick with them. But will have ice-cream once or twice a month to pamper myself at this summer before it ends around August/September. I'm soooooooooooooooo serioussssssssssssss!!!!!

Weather forecastor predicts that it's going to be a lovely sunny weekend so I can't wait to enjoy the lovely weekend. No definite plan though. Most probably case would be a visit to Aj's playground, to the town for some walk...etc etc....



Alice said...

buahahah we didnt get the chance to eat dumplings either T.T miss mum's bak chang... overflow pork and mushroomm *drools*

U GOTTA BE KIDDING!! U like hindi movie too?!! Cis...no wonder we're family.. hahaha cute ma and I love hindi movies toO!! yes! another addition into the Hindi gang hahaha

oh oh oh~ and that poo scene is really disgusting but funny! Salim rocks hahaha

Margaret said...

eh eh...we should ask mom to do that someday when we're back home. Else don't know when we'll be able to taste that.

Indeed we're one true family. So coincidence. Proud to be a member of the Hindi gang...muahaha....