30 Aug 2008

AJ's first day at nursery

AJ had his two settling in sessions at his nursery this week...

Wednesday - first settling in session for 1.5 hrs
8:05AM - AJ first arrived his room where he’s going to spend most of his time in when we’re working. His first reaction was SILENCE. An unfamiliar place and there’s another baby sitting there playing his toys. I gave him some toys and accompany him for a few minutes. 5 mins later, another baby girl arrived, sat next to AJ playing toys. Few more babies & toddlers came in not long afterwards.

#1/ AJ reads book
#2/ Wah...so many toys
#3/ Hohoho...

8:45AM - I’m out of AJ’s sight. I’m leaving him with other babies & the nursery assistants for half an hour. *finger crossed* He saw me left through the door. Peeping from window outside checking that he’s ok. He kept looking at the door (where I left from) after a few seconds to …what else…hoping to see me soon. While I'm waiting outside...

#4/ Nursery outside
#5/ AJ's room - AJ's chinese zodiac (Piglet) ^_^
#6/ AJ plays with another baby

9:05AM - AJ cried. Went to Mary’s house for the rest of the day till Jimmy’s off work.

Today - 2nd settling in session for 6 hrs
8:05AM - Left AJ immediately when he arrives there
9:25AM - Karen, the nursery team leader called. AJ was very upset without my presence. Arrived 5 mins later. He was sleepy and dozed off when he cried. Woke up every few minutes because of the noise – buzzer, phone rings and babies (he was used to quiet room). He was crying and sleepy when he saw me. T___T I stayed with him until he gets better. Around 11, he finally dozed off.

#7/ Nap time

11:55AM - Again, AJ went upset. Didn’t finish his lunch – had only 4 spoonfuls of cereal.
12:55AM - Reach home and AJ’s all happy again. Home sweet home. Finished his new lunch – ½ bowl of cereals! Sleep soundly later. Bless him.


T___T I’m heartbroken. What else? Because of AJ’s voice. He lost his beautiful voice after long cying today. I bet he has uncomfortable throat later that day. Poor AJ. But what can I do? From Monday onwards, AJ will be spending his days at nursery. And also my first day at work. I’m expecting to receive calls from the nursery again.

Luckily, I saved my 10 KIT (keep in touch) days till the end. Each mums is entitled to use this to go back to work (not necessary full day work) during her maternity leave period and get paid in full. Hence, I have the flexibility to have a few hours off during the day or leave early in the evening when AJ needs me, especially the first few days until AJ's fully settled. This is one the many reasons why I love my company. Wahaha…

Oh yea… The nursery gave us a contact book designated for AJ. The nursery assistants will write down what did AJ do today, whether he finished his meals, how long he had his nap today, etc. At the mean time, I can write down any important info that they need to take note of, i.e. what’s for dinner, rashes on bottom, fever yesterday night, etc. Brilliant, isn’t it? The book acts as AJ’s diary whilst we are not by his side. Probably, it wasn’t such a bad idea at all – sending AJ to nursery. Homework...Homework..A working mum like me still has to do homework every working night. =.=

#8/ The contact book (sorry, have to wipe off our numbers)
#9/ Reminders I wrote
#10/ Today's summary - my note in blue ink, the rest by the nursery assistant


We have been to several nurseries before we chose this one. Bearing in mind that we have to choose the best for AJ and affordable. There is one very well known for its high standard day care and honestly, we love it! But because of its popularity, it was not until January 2009 till a decent space for AJ. Who’s gonna care for AJ for that 4 months when I start working from September? In the end, we decided this one – Kings Nursery.

Here’re some tips to choose a suitable day care for your baby
  • Book early to confirm your place (early as in months early)
  • Convenient & Reachable
  • Registered & Inspected by Ofsted regularly - Ofsted produces instensive reports of each nursery and publish on the net. These UP-TO-DATE reports are very useful for parents to find out a nursery’s environment, learning & development, health & safety and standards.
  • Arrange appointments to visit the nursery – choose a suitable time where most same age child group as your baby’s are there (lunch time if possible)
  • Child-friendly & qualified employees - children at the nursery are happy and smiling.
  • Talk to parents of the children at the nursery
  • FAQ – How do they tackle when your baby has bitten marks by the same child on daily basis? Are the cot bed sheets changed regularly and each time at nap time? How are the meals being prepared? What kind of daily activities are the children involved in?
  • Last but not least, AFFORDABLE


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Alice said...

Aiyo.. so kolian aj. Hopefully he will adapt to the nursery real soon. Aj can do it!