1 Sep 2008

The end of my leave. Beginning of a new chapter...

This is it...
The day I will resume to work with my company after 9.5 months long holiday.
The day I will be separated with AJ for 8 hours every working days.


Looking back...
I was heavily pregnant with my unborn child till my last working day with my company. I have already missed my working life since the start of my maternity leave. Probably it was because of the wait...waiting to give birth. A mixture of feelings...it was bored mixed with anxious. Bored having nothing to do. I regretted to have my leave that early. I knew it...I should have waited till that day.

At the same time, I was anxious. How was the labour going to be like? Can I cope with the new chapter of my life? Is my baby going to be ok? How's he (we knew it's a he before the birth) going to be look like? more to Jimmy’s or mine? Work can past my time easily and I won’t feel too nervous at the same time. But then, resting at home early not a bad idea also. Luckily, Jimmy took 3 weeks off and at least I won’t feel bored at home.

Ok….in short, as you all already know, 13th Jan was a big day for all of us.
The day a new chapter is added to my life book.
The day I am officially a mother.
The day I experienced the only-mum-who-had-natural-labour pain.
This is the day I met AJ for the first time.
Yes, this is the day I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

As of 11:57PM, 13th Jan 2008, I’m responsible for AJ’s well-being - bath, nappies, food, nails, fashions, cries, everything…basically everything…you name it! When Jimmy starts working with a new company, it’s just AJ and me all day, 24-7. Well, till Alice came here for about 3 months.

1 second

1 minute

1 hour

1 day

1 month

9 months

I couldn’t believe it! It’s coming nearer. And now? I am working starting tomorrow. AJ is going to nursery at the same time. Jimmy will be sending him off around 8AM then picked him up at 5.30PM. I got so used having AJ around. And now I only get to see him after work weekdays and then 24 hours weekends. OMG! I’m gonna MISS my little cute baby.

Will he be happy at nursery?
Will he get used not having me around?
Will he be bullied by other babies at nursery?
Will he be abandoned by the staff when he cried out loud?

OMG! I’m thinking too much. I have to be optimistic! Positive thinking! OK..OK..think no more. No more! No more!


And oh....check out what we did this weekend...Enjoy!

#1/ Latest family photo
#2/ Moments b4 AJ had 2nd haircut after 6 months
#3/ Tadah...meet the new handsome AJ

#4/AJ & his daddy had a ... (click for larger view)



Alice said...

looks like ah go needs a trim too hahaha

Margaret said...

haha...yeah...Ah go is considering having the same hair style as AJ's.

-esjen- said...

haha... that comic strip is kinda funny... hahaha...

it's really kinda funny... no lie..

Margaret said...

hey, jen...long time didn't hear from you. How's things? everything ok??