6 Sep 2008

AJ's new car seat

Guess what? AJ's car seat is getting smaller for AJ so we thought it's time to get AJ a new posh seat. Well, when I say it's posh, it is…considering its quality and good reputation.

AJ’s original car seat usually could lasts for another 4-5 months but he outgrew it so quick that he has to lay there with his bend legs. Not comfortable eh? Thus, I did some survey on the available forward-facing child car seats. There’re some in the market I really fancy but the price…looks too “good”.

But that’s not the important point to get a suitable one. It’s its quality. I need to make sure it’s comfortable and secure for AJ. So, after intensive mummy’s analysis, with mummy’s instinct and a green light from Jimmy, we decided to go for this car seat – Maxicost Priori XP. It’s one of the best sellers and awarded as Gold from Mother&Baby for best travel item. Ah, not to forget, it has side-impact protection, all about safety for the baby, bla…bla...bla…suitable for up to 4 years.

Posh...posh, yet we got it on a really good bargain! Its RRP is £145.00 and I got for 90.45 (incl. delivery charge). It was on offer for £95.00 and I got it for £85.50 only! Reason being to further 10% reductions by using a promotional code that Mothercare (one of the famous baby store) emailed me when shopping from their store. Wahaha…so…£85.50 plus £4.95 (post & packing), I have saved a total of £54.55 to get a new car seat for AJ.

AJ loves it too…
#1/ The Maxi-Cosi Priori XP
#2/ AJ has his first try
#3/ Snuggling ...AJ: I own you, you Maxi-Cosi!
#4/ Hmm..quite comfy...
#5/ Bored... =.=

Here’s the thing. There are 2 types of forward-facing car seat - with boosters (or high back boosters) and one without. I have chosen the one without due to unable to tilt back seat positions with the boosters! How’s AJ going to sleep comfortably when he’s sitting up right? Even adults find it very awkward. Yes, it’s true that with a booster, you won’t need to get a new one when he gets older and still require an appropriate child restraint. The law says that children<>***

How to choose a suitable car seat?

  • Award winning products with reasonable price
  • Optimum side-impact protection
  • Vital belt tensioner for a secure fit
  • Flexible headrest and harness
  • Reclining seat positions for a nap
  • Removable & washable seat cover
When to get one for your baby?

  • He weighs is >9 kg - weight that matters, not age!
  • He can sit up unaided, of course
  • Sale! You’ll realise that you’ll save a lot to get a good one on a reduced price. Shop early!


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Alice said...

now he looks more comfy with the new car seat. And it's like he is sitting in a real car seat like us too. SO cute. haha unlike the previous one, Aj's like a giant squeezing himself into a small small space. I bet he will smile when u guys are heading to the car now! haha