22 Sep 2008

Photos of the week 21-09-2008

Here we go again. Exeter's our destination! Yes, the weather was so marvellous, so we decided to go to Exeter for a day trip. So, cut to short....photos...photos...

Check out his two teeth

Brunch at a restaurant

Teck Young enjoyed his meal


Jimmy's the chef tonight - steak. :P
very nice - except the potato (not cooked). Thanks dear!



Alice said...

eh da sao, do u notice something?? teck young has the same hair style as aj. hahahahahaha

and how come teck young is so thin nowadayS??

Margaret said...

eh..ya hor...didn't notice it until you mentioned.

He's been to gym lately. wants to look good for his sis's wedding in Dec wor. He's going back Kuching this Xmas.

Stephen said...

Hello there! I'm reading your blogs :)

Margaret said...

Hi there, didn't know you have a blog too. what's the address? :P

Stephen said...

I don't have a blog :) Thankfully this site lets non-bloggers leave comments :) woohoo! I could never get the time to keep blogging. Facebook is my cloest blog ;) Plus, nothing interesting happens in my life :)

Oh, actually, I see it identifies me as being a Google Blogger! Must be picking up the fact that I'm logged into Google at the moment :)