29 Sep 2008

I'm rich

This post was meant to be posted on Friday. But I forgot...T___T waaa.......totally forgot. Had a busy weekend. Anyway, who cares?? Remember...turn your time back to Friday.
Woot! Payday...

Wahaha…I’m rich – in my own world la…Not that I’m getting lotto or toto...Don’t mind if it is. I’m thousandnaire….woot~~~

Yes! It’s payday today! I’ve been on statutory pay since March and the pay was basically just enough for my rent. So poor that AJ and I were very much depending on Jimmy. Blessed daddy. When I arrived to my desk this morning, there’s the small yellow envelope I’ve been waiting for… my eyes went zing ££ zing ££.

My pay for this month is …. Eh…why should I tell you? No way, no way. It’s absolutely confidential & personal. But I’m so happy that I got paid (in full), so I thought to share my happiness with you all. Haha…..Don’t get offended, ok?

I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do with my money. CNY flight ticket, my winter jacket, winter clothes for AJ, possibly the dress for my wedding? If there’s a sale – I bet not at this time. So saving up till the boxing day. Then, I need to pay the rent, tax, bills, groceries…bla bla…..helping our young family surviving through the month. Also hopefully will helping Jimmy in providing our small family. Apparently, no much left for savings by the end of next month =.=, as expected.

Very normal. When you have your first salary, you’ll spend all of it. Then start saving the next month or so. I know I’ve started working 2 – 3 years ago. But since I was in such a long break, I’m going to pamper myself & the family with this pay.


Updates: AJ
AJ cold is still there but has got a lot better this week. His appetite grew and smiles happily every time our eyes met. He has been really good this week at nursery. He cried a while when Jimmy dropped him off on Monday. Then, he ended up watching his daddy walk away the rest of the week. Within seconds he arrived there, he just reaches out to the carer.

He used to start crying the moment he saw his daddy at the evening – wailing “take me home” or “where’ve you been? I miss you”. But now… “Oh hi daddy, you’re here”…huh…he just selamba…..selamba…… He saw his daddy walked in, sat beside him and yet he continues playing with the toys. =.=. Has he forgotten that he has a home to go back to?

T_T My cheeky son doesn’t want to go back home now. He prefers his nursery than his own home….haih…I can’t blame him. He spent most of his daytime at the nursery so has got used with the environment there. Since he’s such a good boy – settled in so quickly and superb compliments from nursery assistants, I’m relieved. Rewarding him something big. BIG KISS!!! Wahaha…. *Blessed*


Updates: Diet
I had two heavy dinner last two nights. Tried refraining myself to crave into those delicious meat dishes but couldn’t stop to have a bite. Joline was right. The more you avoid them, the more you crave for them. =.=

Now I fully understand why it’s so easy to get fat easily but ages to get back to shape. I kinda regret eating too much at my pregnancy. But I was eating for 2. Ah..I know I know…I keep looking for excuses. There’s no need to think back now. Regretting won’t get me shape back too. So, what I’ll do now….is diet diet diet seriously.

The reason because I couldn’t stop myself was it was our first visit to newly opened buffet Chinese posh restaurant in the city centre. It was also Rudolf’s mom farewell dinner before she went back home – Malaysia.

Oh yeah… about this new restaurant. Its design was posh & gorgeous. Seriously. It was refurbished to fit its name – Water Dragon. I felt welcomed when I first arrived. 5 big wooden crafted chinese chair at reception. A couple of waterfall wall glass caught AJ’s attention, then a big wall painted with sea scenery and dragons.

Services were excellent. Moving to their food section. Yes, it’s eat-as-much-as-you-want service. They taste way better than Buffet City – another buffet restaurant in the city, honestly. Their food section includes Chinese, sushi section, lovely desert – cakes, mash mallows dip with choc & ice-creams and the interesting part is special dish of your choice freshly cooked. All just in one bundle price. No additional fee except the drinks la of course. Isnt’ it great?

Yeah...so basically, just get yourself fat in that restaurant eh? wahaha….the food was great. Fortunately, I didn’t have the desert else my diet plan is crushed. But I craved into the meaty dishes especially the prawns my favorite, a mussel (only one, I swear), 2 fried chicken, 2 prawn on toast, few scallops, noodles and lotsa veges. See…I’m watching my figure. Not bad eh? But I felt guilty not following my diet plan.

What I did 2 days ago was a serious felony (Oh no, I’m now a felon!), so I’m going to put myself on a naughty chair for 1 month. Even if I in a restaurant, I’ll just have vege to go with little rice. Promise! No more excuse. Vege Vege Vege!


OK la...I know I missed the photos of the week also. My loyal fans must be grunting. Sorry lo...I'll make sure I'll do it this weekend. Promise! And some very cute interesting photos...You'll laugh till you cried...smile from ear to ear....haha.....Till then...wahaha...



Stephen said...

Thousand-aire? New one :) Never thought of it like that. Better than 1,000 of a millionaire? :) Nice to treat yourself from time to time :)

Are you a 'Christmas' person? Do you celebrate it?

that food sounds very nice! Well, except the seafood. I cannot stand that :) But chicken yummy :)

Margaret said...


Christmas? Not really but might do for us 3. See how it goes.

Yum...I like seafood...the best. the best!!! Yish...you're making me craving on meaty stuff again...huh..

Stephen said...

Did I pass you at lunchtime? You wearing mostly black with something red underneath? :)

Margaret said...

O.o. I was wearing that yesterday but I didn't see anyone I recognise. I'm BLIND!!! or are you stalking me, huh? haha...sorry if I missed you........

Stephen said...

You worked right past me :) You were coming out of the Mall walking towards the Uni way. :)

Been a long time since you seen me so don't blame you for missing me :)