2 Oct 2008

Getting ready for war 06/10

Yes, the waiting is over. You see, I have four wisdom teeth come out the wrong way. Humm…how to say? I wish I had the x-ray to show you guys. Don’t mind with photos but they are so ugly la…so no no no…You can’t even see it clearly. Right, four of my wisdom teeth are currently facing the wrong directions. Bottom two should be facing up north and top two facing down south. But all of them are facing towards the opening of my mouth. They are half way there and whenever they are trying to come out, they’re hurting me but squeezing my other teeth tighter and tighter. Causing swollen jaws.

So I visited a private dentist in March complaining about my swollen jaws. Referred to NHS hospital for removal surgery. The dentist couldn’t perform the surgery due to lack of experience in performing surgery for wisdom teeth. Why did he become a dentist then? So, I’ve 2 choices. Going for NHS - queue in their waiting list for my turn (estimated 2-3 months or more waiting) or going private (done within weeks) – one wisdom teeth costs approx £200 not including x-ray and consultation fee. O.o This could total up to £1000. If I’m insured then I won’t bother about that amount. But I’m not insured la….wth. Damn….damn…damn…

I nearly booked my ticket back to Malaysia in order to get this done. To be honest, call me stingy or whatever, I’d rather spend my money on the flights rather than going private here. You’d do the same thing if you were me. And you know, bringing AJ back home to see his broodline and to enjoy Malaysia’s food I’ve missed so much. But our passports were held by the home office for visa application and by the time we received the passports back, I have already received a NHS letter for checkup and Alice was here for her holiday. I couldn’t left her alone at home when Jimmy’s at work. She’ll be wasting her time doing nothing at home. Haih~~~~

Somewhere in June, I went for check-up, been told to wait for another 2-3 month (again! Haih =.=) for the surgery. Around July / August, the surgery was arranged end of August. The waiting wasn’t too bad eh. But I have to postpone as no one is taking care of AJ when Jimmy’s at work and Alice has already gone back home. So I thought to delay a little bit later so that Jimmy can send AJ off to nursery before working when I have the surgery.

Anyway, I went to dentist assessment day yesterday at Derriford hospital, the Plymouth NHS hospital before the surgery next Monday. All they did yesterday was taking blood and MRSA sample taken for lab examination, blood pressure, measure height and weight (I’ve lost 500 grams! Yesh! Whoosh!) then health questionnaires. See, easy!

At first, I thought it was just two from my bottom jaw. But I was shocked when I was told to take four. FOUR! Bottom two and top two. I didn’t realised it is the same problem on the top jaw. Good that they check it. Else it’s going be another problem again sometime later.

I was advised to pack a light bag, I might stay overnight for monitoring just in case. O.o This will be the first time, I’ll be away from AJ for such a long time. Ooo..I’m gonna miss him very much if I’m staying at the hospital. Pray pray Jimmy can cope with it himself. His hand’s going to be tight without having someone else to take care of AJ. Plus, I’ve been waking up every nights taking care of AJ. I wonder if Jimmy will be alert or not.

I know it’s a small surgery. But what if I still awake after anaesthetic given and the surgeon continues to cut me without realising it? What if something goes wrong with the surgery? What if the surgeon drop the knife when he’s trying to get my teeth out? And oops it went into my mouth? What if I couldn’t talk for the rest of my life after the surgery? What if they couldn’t stop my bleeding and you know I went xD? What if I couldn’t wake up after the anaesthetic gone? What if? T___T

Also, if I’m staying overnight, this will be the first time no visitor when I’m hospitalised. I need to check in early on Monday @ 7am. So I might just taking taxi there and then bus home all by myself. *Singing all by myself* Jimmy couldn’t visit me as AJ’s too young to come to hospital. Wah…so horrible la that feeling. Even though I haven’t gone through it yet, but I can fffeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllll it already. If Alice or my family is here, surely I won’t feel alone and have some lovely family food. Lonely *singing lonely…so lonely (by AKON)*

wah..too depressing la….think no more…think no more….

Pray pray….Pray that my surgery goes on smoothly. Pray that Jimmy will be doing ok with AJ. Pray that I don’t have to stay overnight in hospital. Pray pray pray.

After the surgery, my jaws going to be really sore having losing 4 teeth at the same time and I won’t be able to talk and eat properly, I bet. I’m gonna talk with AJ….ah ah…uh uh…ba ba…ma ma…da da….Eh, I might be losing weight faster this way since I’m not allowed to eat 10 hours and drink 3 hours prior to the surgery…and could I eat afterwards? muahaha…DIET!!!

Oii…this doesn’t mean after the surgery that I’m getting more foolish, ok?



Stephen said...

Yikes! I totally understand how you feel about this. I still have my 4 wisdom teeth but have been told that they are 'going nowhere' thankfully. I do however get problems with them as my gums sometimes cut into them causing ulcers :( Plus, one of my bottom wisdom teeth is pointing into the tooth in front and could at any time cause a cavity :( So far I've been lucky.

I really hope all goes well :) It will be a big relief afterwards :) I have yet to ever have an operation at a hospital so I would be worried too but they are all professionals and will look after you :)

Alice said...

I was so happy when you finally update your blog but wah! what about the teeth issue wor? I have never heard of you telling it while I was there leh? Maybe you told me but I forgot? Haih.. as usual.. my memory deteriorates.. or maybe we're too talkative until we didnt bother to talk bout it?

Anyways, dont worry da sao, I will always pray for you guys. That's one of the reason I go to church every week xD. And feel so sorry that I couldnt visit you and at least accompany you while u're in the hospital T.T Just imagine I am there la what to do. Hahha

And pui pui pui *touch wood* for the "what if" part. Everyone is gonna be just fine.

Margaret said...

Stephen: thanks for your support.

Alice: wahaha..didn't expect to get 1st loyal fan so quickly....You knew it la...u just forgot la. Everyday nostale, yoyo, and who else?.... ^_^ There's a day I went to hospital and you stayed at home with AJ. somemore being bail out for a whole day once already....pity me T___T

Hopefully everything will goes on well...should be ok la...don't want to think too much

Alice said...

wahahhaaa waaaaaaa still remember the old debt arrrrr.. i am paying u back liao ma. Helping you to book the wedding photoshoot stuffs *big wet eyes*