24 Oct 2008

New look

Check out our new flat. We’re still in the same flat la…but we’ve rearranged the furniture around a bit for a new look. It took us (well, mostly Jimmy) 3 days to complete because we only managed to do it in the evening after work and dinner. *Blessed*

Basically, we’ve moved the unused double bed in the second room to our bedroom. So, we have a big bed (2 double bed) bigger than the king size bed…whoosh~~~ I wished we have done this earlier so that Alice can sleep with us on a proper bed rather than sleeping on the futon sofa throughout her holiday. Sorry Alice~~~

Anyway, without any doubt, our bedroom couldn’t fit in with AJ’s cot bed and baby cradle and the second double bed. So, we’ve dissembled AJ’s baby cradle since he don’t like it and got so used sleeping on the bed. AJ sleeps with us in the middle. The cot bed is now in the living room – AJ’s play area. He can then crawl on the cot bed instead of crawling on the cold floor. What a brilliant idea!

The second bedroom is now a store room/utility room/Jimmy’s play room. When Jimmy has his friend’s over, they can play and drink in that room. No smoking in the flat though! The room is now named as play room. Not bad eh!

Oh…and If we’ve guests staying over, they can sleep with us if they don’t mind or use the futon sofa bed in the living room. Sorted.

Let me know what you think.
Our new living room - tried flash and lights on, still too dark..sorry ~~~
The futon sofa bed
AJ seems doesn't like to be in there
Get me out of hereeeee~~~~~

The bedroom - super wide bed - 2 double bed..
& AJ is sleeping on it
The 2nd bedroom / play room - looks like store room


Updates: AJ
Especially for those who want to check out on AJ’s well-being, he’s doing great except that he’s catching a little bit cold. Very naughty. He knows you have the intention to leave the room whenever you left him sitting at the play area. As he senses that, you’ll start hearing screaming and crying. He’ll make sure that you never leave his sight. Checking you’re beside him every seconds. Gosh~~~

As you know AJ crawls to basically anywhere he can reach and stand up using every reachable piece of furniture for support. What’s the next learning stage?

He’s now busy learning to walk using our sofa for support. We’re encouraging him to practice as often as possible by attracting him to reach an object he fancies. Can’t wait to see him walking sideways soon..well aided of course. Haha…

Could he be start walking independently by his first birthday? Ooooo *finger-crossed*

Baby never stops learning eh~~~

He’s not afraid to strangers as much as he did before since he went to nursery. But he has his own preference of whom to carry him though. Only want to be carried by those he acknowledged. When we hang out with Sophie last time, he totally rejects Sophie when my hands are tight. Poor Sophie…

He also responds well to music. Moves his body front to back to front several times when we sings or hymns or plays a song especially the Ooh-Aah by Grits feat. Toby Mac. It’s one of the sound track on my mobile. I always play it every morning to distract him when I need to make up.

And oh…he knows how to clap hand. He’s so cuteeeee whenever he did that. Wait till I got this on video when there’s the chance.

Also…Peek-a-boo….He loves peek-a-boo games…

Get well soon, my dearest.

Oh yes, it was Breast Cancer Care on Wednesday and AJ took part in this lovely small activity at nursery. Sweet~~~



Stephen said...

Futon beds are very comfortable :) Good to have the choice of a sofa and a bed.

Still not decided on yesterday's 'Test' answers yet :)

Alice said...

happy birthday da sao~~~

haha dun worry about where i slept la.. it's the same as long as I have a bed to sleep on~ hehehe the living room looks like AJ's nursery now. Nice nice~~