6 Oct 2008

The WAR!!!

*Butterflies in my stomach*

Oh no! Today it is! This is the day!

When you read this, I might be...well, depend on what time you read it. UK time 7-11 am (Msia 2-7 pm), I could be under the knife between this hours. I'll be reporting myself into a designated ward in Derriford Hospital at 7am. The doc who's going to operate me will start working around 8:30am and I'm fourth in line for the similar operations. So I'm guessing my surgery will be around 10ish.

At the assessment day last week, the nurse advised me to bring a book so that I could read while I'm waiting. But I don't think I can concentrate la....even so what should I read? Dotnet? AJAX? I'm not keen in books in fact unless I have to. I like books but they need to be eye-catching lo.

Jimmy's going to drop me off later but won't go in with since AJ's with him. This is it...this is it...oh no...I'm can't get it off my mind. I've been spending a lot of time playing with AJ this weekend relaxing myself. But it keeps coming back. I know I worry too much. But this is my very first time under action! Under the knife even! OMG! =.=

I was told last week to refrain myself from eating starting 12am today and drinking from 6am. What to do? Also, I wonder if I can eat afterwards? My gums might be really swollen after the surgery and how can I chew with the pain? This is a good chance for my diet eh... *evil grin*

Also, although it was only 45 mins local anaesthestic, I was warned to be very careful when touching electrical appliances - especially kettle, microwave, electric stove for the next few days. Not sure why though...haih =.=

I really hope that I won't have to stay at hospital. Might have to discuss this with the doc after the surgery. Hopefully, everything will be ok. *finger crossed*

Eh, I wonder if I can bring the four wisdom teeth back home? to put under my pillow for the fairy tooth? eee....yucks! wahaha...I might, you know....hmm......

If you don't see any new post from Wednesday, you know what it means! Should I write a will first? T___T *touch wood*

Anyway, wish me luck! *wink*


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