18 Oct 2008

FIVE! Give me five!

I’m super...duper…really…very…utterly ecstatic. Wahaha… Good news! Actually it’s great! *wailing contentedly*

Yes! Yes! Yes! I can’t believe it! It’s really happening. Wahaha….

Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve boomed into size 14 from size 8 ish. Then, down to size 12 after birth. It was hard for me to lose all those unnecessary fats because of…ok I admit… my laziness *sigh* and coping with my demanding son.

After 9 months maternity leave, I didn’t exercise much and am still size 12. So, 2 weeks before I went back to work, with my big size, I had to get meself new working clothes – all size 12. It was quite depressing really that I look fat and short when trying size 12 clothes. Limited to some colours and styles as well as they make me look even more stupid.

I started to envy those in good shape looks so good in any styles.

Anyway, we went to Matalan, a big clothing range store in Crownhill, a few miles from the city centre last weekend. We thought that maybe we could get some fresh ideas for our holiday prep. I bought a …. read this carefully …size 8…size 8 (EIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT) top and jean.

First, I thought…nah..it could be just because size 8 in Matalan is the standard size 10/12. So, it was dismissed within seconds.

Then hor…..wahaha…wahaha….I bet you are thinking what I’m going to say next.

On Monday I was wearing my size 12 working trousers which I bought about 2 months ago. Throughout my working hours, I felt really awkward. I know I’ve lost a bit of weight since the surgery, so I’ve tighten its waist line before I return to work last week. But this Monday, I kept pulling my trousers up whenever it nearly falls down. Hey, my butt can’t be seen by public. Too embarassing~~~~~ :-S. “Is it me or is it the trousers getting bigger?”

The next day, I decided that I’m not going to make myself look graceless at work. It looks so unpro. So, I thought I could give a try on my pre-pregnancy size 8 slacks. And… it FITS! It is! I’m not dreaming! No squeezing or holding breath whatsoever! YIPEEE!

You might still remembered that I bought a dress a week ago for my wedding which then turned out to be more suitable for Chinese New Year dress. The dress was from Debenhams. Well I had that returned yesterday. I love that dress to be honest, but I saw another one which obviously I love more (my favourite so far) and is in a smaller size. Of coz I fit well and look fabulous (agreed by Alice and Jimmy).

So, with 30 days return rights, I have exchanged it with this new lovely dress and just pay £5 more. The dress was sold for £100, reduced to £50 and further down to £30. I have actually decided to get the new dress on Tuesday but I wanted to wait until Friday (my day off) so that I could try it on to make sure.

At first I thought I had to take that dirty dress when I fall in love on it on Tuesday. The only size 8 dress has two dots of stains and I was hoping that it could be cleaned easily if I am the owner. Then…hor…when I went up there, there’s another size 8 very clean of the same dress. My eyes went blinked~~~ Without wasting any seconds, I quickly grab that dress and of we (AJ and me) went into the dressing room before I regret.

Wahaha…I have no regrets….well, unless I saw a better one. Now, you might be asking why do I just buy the new dress without returning the old one. Humm….well, let’s just that I’m looking to spend my cash on few more clothes.

Woot~~~ I’M FLYING HOME IN 96 DAYS! 100 DAYS TO CHINESE NEW YEAR! 104 DAYS TO MY WEDDING! With my new lovely figure~~~~~~

Diet! Whoosh…whoosh….



Alice said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! SO happy for u~~~ *hold hands and jump together* wahahhaha SEE??? I told ya~ U can do it! The surgery came on time eh?? Hahaha and I know u can do it one. Keep it up keep it up~~

Stephen said...

Size 8 is great :)

Actually, I have no idea of woman's clothes sizes but I do try to pay close attention :) If you are happy, I'm happy :)

Margaret said...

tq tq all of you