11 Oct 2008

Will you do it again?

AJ’s cot bed is positioned beside my bed. Its side facing towards my bed has its wall removed. This helps me from getting back pain in bending over too much. Plus, it helps me to soothe AJ back to sleep when we wakes up in the middle of the night.

This morning I was shocked to find out that my boy’s face was lean beside mine. So sweet ~~~~~~ I knew it wasn’t me as I remembered the last time I woke up was 3 plus in the morning and he’s sleeping in his cot. He must have crawled over to my bed sometime after that or not long before I woke up.

Such a sweetest gift you gave me, son. Will you do it again? *wink*

AJ now likes to crawl to everywhere. Under the table, to the drawers grabbing its handle open and close, to his walker, to the bedroom, to my bed, you name it, basically to anywhere he can gain access to. Gosh…He’s so busy…I have to be very careful now. Else he’ll play with the sockets, wires….can’t even imagine it.


Today, I went out to the city centre with my son and one of my female co-worker, Sophie to browse some suitable dresses for my wedding. Woot~~~ Only 104 days!!! Left 104 days to fly back home. My wedding in 112 days. Can’t wait!!!

I saw lots of beautiful dresses but they are mostly outside my budget. And some of them are black…It’s so hard to get a nice dress. I just want a formal dress and not in black or too dark colour. =.=

I found one actually…it was a really good bargain! It was on full price for £90 reduced to £45 and then another further reduction £25. So cheap! T___T Perfect for party occasion or Chinese New Year dress. Unfortunately, it’s not the time to show you the dress yet. You’ll see it when the time comes…haha…

Now I need to get a few more for my wedding reception, Alice’s big day and Chinese New Year. I might as well need to wait a little bit longer until sales period…C’mon sales…Give me a really good bargain. And oh…I need matching jewelleries and shoes as well….

Woot~~~ I’m gonna looking fabulous next year. Well, looking moderately good on Alice’s big day…Don’t want to stand out too much..hehe…

Oh…guess what we’ve stumbled upon to in drake circus? There’s a fashion show hosted by the mall to celebrate the Breast Cancer Care event. Somehow, I’ve fall in love with fashion show now. The models know exactly what they are wearing and they look absolutely stunning. And AJ looked amazed watching the show!
#3/Look at AJ's reaction...
#4/Enjoying & relaxing~~~~
#5/Ahh....So romantic~~~

It was such a lovely day going out with Sophie. She’s a sweet girl. She gave lots of ideas and opinions on what to wear and what not to wear. I should go out with her more in the near future. Thanks, Sophie!
#6/Poor Sophie had to take care of AJ while I'm trying the clothes *Blessed*
Had to cover my lovely dress, sorry~~~



Alice said...

hahaha da sao, no offence but hor u look like naked in the photo! hahaha wat's the colour of your dress??? i must know so i can match mum's n mine with u~~ hehehe and and can i have a peek at ur dress? so i know what dresses to buy for me n mum. Dont wanna outstand u also ma right? your big day wor.. mine is just a small ceremony nia la..

Margaret said...

wahaha...none taken. I felt I am naked too..haha

Stephen said...

awww, bless AJ :)

Did you cover the dress up? :) I cannot work out how the grey item is staying up in front of you in that photo :)

Margaret said...

Steph: wahaha...that's what you get from photoshop