22 Oct 2008

Jimmy and I?

Believe it or not, we’re each other’s first love. Well, not many believed that it’s Jimmy’s first. Reason being it contradicts too much to his characteristics.

We’re having steam boat at Rudolf’s house the other day together with Rudolf and his brothers and some new students whom just arrived from Malaysia few weeks ago. Then this conversation between us, the new friend, Clifford (I hope I got his name right because it’s still new to me) and me took place:
Clifford: Were both of you from the same hometown?
Me: Yes
Clifford: Childhood sweetheart since primary school?
Me: No
Clifford: So, how did you guys got together?
Me: Well…(paused)…Jimmy fell in love one of my best friend at first
Crowd: Oooooo………. (suspiciously)
Me: Then I snatched him from her (followed by evil grin)
Clifford: Then, how’s your best friend?
Me: We remained as best friend
Crowd: Wahhhhhhh…….. (surprised)
Clifford: Did you invite her to your wedding reception?
Me: Yes
Clifford: wah…Then is she coming?
Me: Yes…why not?
Rudolf snapped in…
Rudolf: Then, I will be able to tell who she is on that day. She might turn red or uncomfy
Me: haha…we shall see
Clifford: wah…I didn’t know that you’re such a sinful person
Rudolf: So, Jimmy couldn’t run away now
Clifford: haha…yeah…now with AJ, how can he run away?
Me: Yeah…He’s mine forever

Will you believe it if you’re Clifford? haha…Clifford is such a lovely guy who'll ask questions when in doubt. Lots of questions in a day! You’ll normally get frustrated when someone asked you lotsa questions in a day but he’s such a funny innocent guy that you won’t get annoyed with him. He is right, you know. Ask questions when in doubt! Else you’ll ended up knowing nothing.

OMG, I lied too much that I think he actually believes it. Jimmy was quite shocked when I disclosed a fake story. Even Alice has labelled me as a lying mother “wolf” already – from the boy who cried for wolf children’s story. T____T

But I couldn’t bring myself to tell you guys the love story behind yet. Haha… it’s not the time yet and still very precious to me. Well, probably because it’s our first love. Hey, not many know gets together for so long and build a small family from their first love. Are you? But I can tell you the moments before that…Btw, it’s a true story…THE REAL ONE! *beg*

We barely knew each other in primary school. Actually, we’re in the same class in primary year 6 but I didn’t remember much. The only thing I could remember was I sat next with James, Jimmy’s best friend for the whole academy year. James was so hilarious that I couldn’t forget his stupid actions in the class.

But Jimmy remembered me carrying a thick dictionary to school everyday. I myself didn’t know why the heck I’m so stupid burdening myself bringing such a heavy dictionary to school? There wasn’t any reading dictionary session even. An act showing I’m a very hardworking student? That’s a really stupid act. Very geeky and stupid! You think so too, I bet. T_____T

We went to the same secondary school after but were arranged to different classes not until 4 years later. But that was just for a few months. The final year before secondary school, we chose the same subject (by accident) and only then, we started knew each other. Again for a short period of time due to the subject held twice a week and over the academic year only.

After secondary school, we furthered our studies to different colleges but remain contacted. Getting closer not long after. Then there it goes, the love story began and continue until today

~~~~ slowly carried away by the sweet memories ~~~~

Woot~~~ Exactly 3 months to our lovely holiday…..Whosh!



Alice said...

yeah not many first loves can end up together leh. *salute*

Margaret said...

haha...tq tq...

-esjen- said...

the conversation left my jaw wide open... not possible gua... if u are like tat... i will see u in a very different light already haha...

Stephen said...

aww, bless :)

Margaret said...

SyJen: wahaha...wei..I'm not that sort of person who make the move first. Don't think I'm that bad la wei..just a joke. I shouldn't have lie....T___T

Alice said...

hahaahhha so madam ling learnt her lesson dy???

Margaret said...

haih haih..sorry lo...will try not to joke too much next time... *sob sob*

eh..btw, Alice, shouldn't I be known as Madam Lee or Mrs Ling instead of Madam Ling?