26 Oct 2008


It was about 5:45 am when I was woken up by two small hands slapping me face a few times. A good wake up call. He’s hungry and waking me up so that I can make his milk. Blessed~~~

6:45 am: Got him a fresh nappy after he finished his milk then went to living room to play with him until the next nap time – about 2-3 hours later. On the TV...then...only then I realised that the clock is adjusted one hour backward today (daylight savings time) =.= So, the actual time I woke up was 4:45 am. Fortunately, it wasn't long until AJ's asleep so we’re get back to bed around 8am. Ahhhhh~~~~ continue my beauty sleep.

That's the birthday present I got from my son...

Yesh....It’s 26th today and I’m 26. I know I can’t hide it from you guys. Even if I can, not for long due to its restricted time. I’m getting older year by year T___T ...but wiser indeed *wink* even though I just had 4 wisdom teeth taken out.


Looking back…

I once foretold my so-called future plan to my secondary school buddies that I wanted to concentrate on my studies then career, get married by the age of 26, mother of at least 2 (a boy and a girl) by 30. I was still single until I started college. Because no one likes me T___T Am I really that ugly?

When I furthered my study to college at KL, Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, I knew I will work at KL after study.

Now – the real fact…

I’m married to my first lover at 23 and a mother at 25. Guess I’m not that ugly anyway – to be able to marry at quite young age. I’m working with a UK company since graduating from University of Plymouth. I was really fortunate, honestly, to be able to study in UK, graduated with flying colours and even managed to secure a permanent job before I even graduated.

Lessons learnt. Never foretell a thing even if you’re a fortune teller. OK…Enough the history and craps...


It’s just another day of the year which I’ve been celebrating with Jimmy for the last 5 years in UK. You see…Our birthdays are just 6 days apart and we always celebrated them together. #

Boy...oh boy...this year is different. So special that I think I won’t forget. It’s my first birthday celebration not just as a wife but also a mother. Celebrating my birthday first time with my son. It felt like…..erm…like….how to say it…it felt like I’m out of hands! You see, I used to get to do anything that I want, eat when I want and have two very free hands to myself all the time. Now...It’s AJ and mostly AJ. Guess that’s what mom has to sacrifice, isn’t it?

Hey, btw, I’ve been breathing for a quarter of the century.

Jimmy asked last weekend, “Dear, your birthday is coming soon. How do you want to celebrate it?” I know…I know…You see, Jimmy is not a romantic person. He’s not the type of a person that brings his partner with surprises. And I’m used to it already. Hah…I’m married to a non-romantic person. So what! That’s not a big problem anyway. As long as he’s not a wife-beater, bully, womaniser, drug dealer or gambler, I’m fine with it. The most important thing is he’s a family man.

Sorry, I got carried away again~~~~ Right, back to the question...I responded to Jimmy, “I don’t know, to be honest”. I know it’s a big day for me but somehow I’m out of idea of on how to celebrate it knowing how special it is. I thought, maybe a dinner outside. It’s a birthday celebration dinner for Jimmy and I actually, with AJ of course this year. So we will say to each other, “Happy Birthday, dear”.

Jimmy suggested hosting a small party with close friends around. As you know a cake plays the most important part and if there’s one we need, we’d go to the one we favoured the most currently in Plymouth. It has to be booked 5 days early. And b y the time we decided, it was too late for order the cake. T___T

So, how did I actually celebrate the big day? Don’t get =.=. It’s in fact a dinner outside. A lunch at Water Dragon Buffet yesterday. Our favourite restaurant for the moment. Thumbs up to the service, food and reasonable price. Eat all you want…..Photos…photos..check it out…Btw, forget diet this weekend.

It’s my real birthday tonight. We had home-made dinner at home. Wahaha…just the three of us. Nice…quiet…birthday dinner. Jimmy's making his own lasagne for the very first time.

sounds promising eh...

& curry chicken...yum yum

Very delicious. We're are all very full tonight. AJ had his favorite cereal and full as well...

I took the photos all the time that I forgot to take some of meself. =.= Here're some self-taking photos. Don't mind the qualities....

I’m not disappointed to be honest. I’m grateful with what I have now and pleased to be able to celebrate with my love ones. Well, not everyone here, our family is not around. T___T Where’re my parents, in-laws, brothers, sisters? Don’t get panic la..it’s not the end of the world.

Before I sign off, I would like to drop a few points to say my thanks to you...
  • God - for all this beautiful gifts
  • My parents - for their love and endless supports
  • Jimmy, my partner whom I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, for his continuous patience & support to build a comfortable family together and provide the best for AJ
  • My family including my in-laws, brothers & sisters, brothers-in-laws & sisters-in-laws
  • My supportive friends – who saved me from being left out in hospital after dental surgery 3 weeks ago and those who has been there for me (although not physically there but their wishes has also played an important part)

BEHOLD….as party is not yet cancelled. Don’t forget it is Jimmy’s birthday in 6 days. So, we’ll still be hosting a party for him. What should I cook? Woot~~~ Can't wait!

And oh…pls regards photos uploaded here as photos of the week. It’s my birthday after all so it’s all about me. Though not much photos of me =="

Diet begins tomorrow till Jimmy's birthday....6 days to get rid all the fat I have been consuming this 2 days.



Jenjen said...

Hi Margarent, Happy belated B'day greeting to u!! Wishing you all the best in the year to come. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors. And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come. Cheers!! (^^)

Alice said...

ish~~~ I am drooling all over my keyboard with lasagne sticking on my mind now.. gosh~~~

Margaret said...

Jenjen: haha..tq tq...wah..your trip to Turkey makes me fall in love of that place nia...haha...

Alice: hehe....find out if you can find lasagne ingredients in KL tesco. Ah go said will make one for you guys when he go back.

Stephen said...

aww, a lovely post. Couldn't reply yesterday as there was a site error :(

It's my birthday on the 6th btw ;)

I love chicken curry. Looked yummy :)