7 Oct 2008

I'm ALIVE!!!

Ouch! I’m swelling, dizzy, sore throat, gum sores, voiceless, hungry and in SO MUCH PAIN! Arrrggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I checked myself in from 7am yesterday and waited for long long long hours in hunger and dehydrated. The paperwork finished before 9. I thought I’ll be in the theatre at around 10ish but it only gets real at 3-ish. I haven’t been eating for a day and a cup of water for the whole day.

Regretted for not bringing a book to read. =.=

Yay...the wait is finally over and it was 2-ish. Changed to hospital gown and wait again. I started to get nervous. Ooo……very very nervous. My hands were shaking. I joked with the docs and nurses to reduce my anxiety before they sent me off to sleep.

By the time I came around, it was 4:55PM. Couldn’t remember what happened. The nurses kept calling my name to wake me up and checked that I’m doing ok. The last memory I last had was the moments before I was sedated with local anaesthetic. I also remembered that I had a sweet dream but couldn’t remember the story line. I knew it relates to Jimmy and AJ. Hey, the sedative worked perfectly. ^__^

I was dizzy, sleepy, sore gums and hungry. Finally, I was allowed a cup of warm water but couldn’t finish it at one time. I wish I could! If I did it in one go, I would throw up moments later. There’re a few times I nearly throw up, but there’re just winds or bloods. Hungry..yum yum…I was allowed to eat but the pain… no appetite!!!

Jimmy visited me before he picked AJ. *Blessed* Jimmy is out of hand taking care of AJ so Rudolf and Clif sent me home. I was still weak because of the painkiller so I had to be ushered in a wheel chair.

Reach home. Home sweet home! Jimmy cooked porridge but I could only sip just nearly half of the bowl. Had to be spoon-fed because ...oh OMG, I felt the spoon was so heavy for the very first time!

Went to bed not long afterwards. Jimmy had to guide me to the toilet in the middle of the night because I couldn’t walk properly. Poor my dearest hubby for he has been taking care the whole family at the same time. *Blessed* I bet he’s really all worn-out. I love him more and more day by day.

This is it. The end of the war. AND I WON! YES! muahaha...can’t lol physically yet though. Thanks for those who pray for me. Thanks to you who support me from the beginning till the end, my hubby. Thanks to AJ for cheering my day up. I miss you like crazy.

Here come the photos...photos...woot~~~~ I got so bored while waiting so I took some random photos...

While waiting#1/ posing to be cool
#2/ in hospital gown...headless wtf (oopsss, sorry!)
#3/ the normal me
#4/ my temporary spec case...recyclable
#5/ boring~~~~
#6/ the other side of me
#7/ very boring~~~
#8/ blerk....



After the surgery
#9/ on the way home (sorry, blur photo)
#10/ the side effect after the surgery

I'm so ugly! I'm all swelling...I'll be laughed by my colleagues when I return to work tomorrow.

And oh...by the way, I didn’t bring the teeth home.

I’m feeling better now except that my gum aching every now and then. T__T

Special thanks to Rudolf and Cliff for helping us when we’re struggling!

Q: which one do you prefer? the ones with full post at the main blog or the ones with read more section?



Stephen said...

Nice photos :) Open wide ;)

Glad you 'survived' and are now recovering at home :)

Alice said...

I will certainly vote for the full view of the post~~~~~

wahhaha u already uploaded the photos up even before I tell you to~~ Reading minds eh?

Eh da sao, i think ho.. ur face is thinner a bit now! Dunno whether it's the cam effect (I hope not) but grats~~~ for the surgery and the diet plan!!

You are a winner!! Woo hoo!!

Margaret said...

Stephen: thanks...

Alice: uuu moh?? (fu chow)...not bad oh....reading minds....

*jumping high up* hopefully it's not cam effect la...haha...make me happy nia. wahaha...