19 Sep 2008

AJ's 奶爸

Hot! Hot! Hot! It really shiny today. If you’re here, you know what I mean. Just like summer. This also means I can save my money to get my clothes dry without using electric dryer. God, I love Mr Sun here. Especially when you’re living in a 4 season’s country.

Yesh... I’m working today and pretty occupied. One of my colleagues is off sick, so I need to cover her to make sure any important tasks are taken care of by the end of the day. My team leader, Gary, off to Birmingham for 2 days training and won’t be back until next Monday. I’ve been picking up the things I’ve left behind on Monday. Thank God, now I nearly finished almost all of it.

I felt a lot better now. Having been smelling nothing for this few days, I can now pick up a little bit scent. What else? The scent of strong detergent when I cleaned my kitchen stove yesterday night. Just barely la =.= Yet I'm so happy. My nose is going to fully functioning soon.

Shortly, I'll be able to respond to Jimmy when he asked where something's smelly. I been saying no to him lately. Then he'll be going like "Oh yeah...your nose is blocked. Surely, you can't sense those shitty things." =.= I've been smelling unpleasant odour all this while!?! But leh...wahaha...as my nose was blocked, I won't know AJ's nappy is dirty..so Jimmy has to do the checking routine sniff..sniff...grr....


Updates on how the daddy & son doing at home today
Wahaha…of course I called a number of times at work. That’s very normal. Well not that freaky by calling every hour la. I ringed just to make sure they both are doing ok. Deep down inside my heart, I know they will be just doing fine. AJ’s now has a daily routine in which Jimmy just has to follow it. Meal time, nap, nappy change, play & so on. See? Very easy, eh?

If a 26 year old father can’t cope with an 8 months baby, I’ll chop my head down!

After two days of fasting, it’s the time AJ to have his favorite food and milk. Finished his meals. Nicely done, dear. His poo looks alright, as according to Jimmy. But I’m still putting my finger crossed. He was bright since yesterday. Back to old himself. Keep it up, son!

Since it’s Thursday, I’ve asked Jimmy to have AJ weighed at the health centre. You can say, yes it is Jimmy’s first time too to bring AJ there. He might be feeling awkward. It’s usually mom with baby, dad and mom with baby or dad with toddler. Read carefully…toddlers. I’ve never seen dad with baby yet so far. Probably Jimmy’s the first. Haha…

Yes, weighing. AJ lost a bit of weight. His last weigh was almost 3 weeks ago recording 8.4 kg. Now…only 8.3 kg. T__T He lost quite a lot due to his diarrhoea. It’s ok, son. I’m sure you’ll catch up with it soon. Gambate, son! You can do it! *finger crossed*

“That’s just a piece of cake” Jimmy said. “We’re now best friends”…Jimmy found it a bit difficult to bond with AJ sometimes. Reason being AJ is too attached to me. ^_^ Blessed~~~

Here, I would like to take this golden opportunity to CONGRATULATE to my dear husband, Jimmy, who successfully completed his house-husband tasks today – taking very good care of AJ. I now declared you PASS. ^___^ So so so proud of you.

And oh...Thanks again for praying us all this while.


Let’s hope for sunny weekend eh….so us 3 can do something interesting together. *evil grin*


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Alice said...

pheww~ what a relief to know that 3 of u are ok now. God bless God bless~