9 Sep 2008

The jealous daddy, poor AJ T.T

Wahaha...I love the father of my son. Here's why...This conversation took place on Sunday evening.

Jimmy: Ah Fong, why AJ doesn't play with me?

Margaret: What do you mean?

Jimmy: He never play that game with me before.

Margaret: Why? You jealous?

Jimmy: A little bit..he's so attached to you..


Margaret: That's because I've been with him 24-7 since he was born. Don't worry he will play with as he gets older.

Jimmy: But I want him to play with me....


In case you are wondering what's the game we talked about, it's when AJ's trying to grab my attention when I wasn't looking at him. There were several occassions where AJ's turns / moves to where my eyes is ... asking me to look at him. He could be in his car (walker) or when he's in my arms. And he could just do the cute look asking me to talk / play with him. and Jimmy's getting a little bit envy. Even Alice and my mom-in-law said AJ's so attached to me.

Wahaha...My sweet little baby. You're my rock, my everything. You and Jimmy both makes my life complete.


Today, AJ and I stayed at home most of the time. AJ is unwell since last week. It went more serious thro' the weekend.

Fever T_____T
Diarrhea T_____T
Cold T_____T
Cough T_____T

He had loose stools everytime after his meal since last Friday. I got so worried that I took him to see doctor this morning. Doc advised it is something to do with his intestine xxx (scientific word). In English, I'm guessing it's related to harmful worms in his intestine. So AJ is pescribed with rehydration salts oral powder. He's forbidden to take milk for the next 48 hours and solid food for 24 hours. The only food he can take is the powder mixed with water today to keep himself from dehydrated. Also aims to clear his instestine as the bugs feeds on lactose from the milk and solid food.

As for his cold and cough, no medicine is prescribed. As expected, UK doctors won't pescribe any medicines for babies and toddlers. I found it strange at the beginning. But as I give more thought, I couldn't agree more! If any prescriptions are given to them, they will be depend on medicines to recover. What if the viruses/bugs are immune to those medicines? Is your baby going to depend on stronger dose medicine that could possibly brings worse side effects?

Let them run through its course. Meanwhile, help him to recover quickly by feed him with vitamin-C-rich fruits (i.e. Kiwi, Oranges, etc). I too craved myself with these fruits when I had cold or cough Xmas last year. Fight them with my own the body's immune system!

Ah yes...at our doc's surgery, the doc suddenly said "What? AJ is recognised in the system as a heavy smoker with 24 cigarettes a day!" Can you believe it!?! at this age!?! Then it is to our understanding that the system picks up certain words inputted by doctors / nurses and updates the details automatically. Obviously, this is wrong. What kind of NHS system anyway? How accurate the data is hold? Although I myself is in IT field, this kind of system is totally unreliable. Shame on you, whoever build this system!

Anyway, correction was quickly made and they should! Phew~~~ else AJ's the youngest smoker in the world (CHOI, TAI KAT LAI SHI).

I believe AJ got the bugs from other babies in the nursery. haih...that's one of the risk to put him to the nursery.

Poor AJ T_____T

I'm hoping he'll get better soon. Go AJ! Go AJ! Go AJ! You can do it! Mommy loves you.


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