2 Sep 2008

First day at work

Arrived at my office today at 9:11 am and noticed that my things were moved to a different desk. Desk moving was necessary due to department restructuring. I knew that before actually, but I don't have any idea my new workspace. Before holiday, I was sitting on a right-cornered L shape desk and now have to make myself comfortable with the left-corner L shape desk. Well, that wasn't a big deal anyway, I can adjust myself easily...not until this happened.

#1/How do I work like this? =.=

Don't worry, it's just temporary basis only. Gary, my team leader, said it will be sorted in a day or two. I'm probably getting a new machine...wahaha...with 4Gb of SDRAM hopefully. *finger-crossed* As for the moment, I'm using my co-worker's machine who's having her maternity leave since last month.

As soon as I was able to reach my company mailbox, I have 876 unread emails. No joking! Can you believe it? 876! 876! Apparently (Val's tone), my mailbox is still alive and have been receiving emails since I left last December. This is gonna take me 2 weeks at least to filter them. Most of them are junks anyway. But I need to go thro' each of them so that no important email is binned. =='

Oh yea....I received my last year Christmas gift from the Magic company, a software provider, which most systems in my company were implemented using its software. Yesh....a cup and I can use permanently at the office now. But I would prefer a bigger one actually. Probably, I'll take it home with me later this week and get a large pint of glass. I drinks lots of water. and yes...I need a headset as well, listening to musics...I better write what I need to bring on a paper.
#2/ The Magic cup, eh!

Managed to settle in ok. Gary has assigned a few projects to me on my first day. Lots have changed since I left but I'm starting to pick things up slowly. I spent the whole day checking emails, start working on the projects, updates from Gary, got my childcare voucher & mutual preference sorted and having AJ running in my head all the time.

Childcare voucher is provided to the employee to pay the nursery fee. With this flexibility, a fixed amount is taken off from my monthly salary before tax at payday. Hence, I save quite a lot by paying lesser tax...wahaha...I love my company. And the best thing... as of 15th Sept 2008, I am working on compressed hours (mutual preference policy). 4 long working days, Mon to Thurs 8AM - 6PM and Friday off. every week. again....another reason why I loved my company.


Updates on how AJ's been doing in his nursery today...
It is AJ's first full day at nursery. AJ was crying when we send him to nursery today. I stayed there for about an hour. He calmed a little bit when he had his dummy before I left. Today, he's the only baby in the room. So, he gets one-on-one attention which is quite good to allow him settle down without being shocked with so many babies in the room.

Surprisingly, no calls from the nursery. Instead, I ringed to check that AJ's doing ok. Jimmy visited him at his lunch break. wahaha....AJ was actually really sleepy and ready to go to bed . But as soon as he heard his daddy's voice, he went back energetic and asking for a cuddle. *Blessed AJ*
#3/AJ enjoyed having his meal

I was tempted for several times to ring the nursery but managed to hold back for fearing that I might wake AJ up. As the phone is in the same room where he sleeps. My mind was thinking of AJ all the time at the office. Worried that he got really upset not having me around. Since I'm using 10 kit days, I off-ed early and headed to the nursery around 4:45PM. He was just started crying as I was about to ask the nursery assistant to allow me in. Not because he saw me. It was probably due to the door behind him suddenly opens and the sounds scared him.

He was back to his happy mood within seconds. He was shouting happily and played with the toys while waiting for his daddy to get us home. I will still going to nursery with AJ this few days until he's settled 100% and off work early to pick him up. Just to ensure him that we're not leaving him behind too long.

Wahaha.....I'm really happy. Happy that AJ started to settle now. AJ, mommy is so proud of you. Love you...love you...love you lots..muacks! muacks! muacks! But I miss him a lot. Love his company for the past 7 1/2 months. As soon as my mutual preference started, I will get more time to be with AJ. Looking forward to that...^___^

Fuh...what a day! I'm so tired after a hectic day...bed time...that's all folks.



Alice said...

haha AJ looks deceivingly "guai" sitting on the high chair neh. What a relief to know that he is doing fine now. Phew...Ganbatte on your work da sao! you can do it~~

Margaret said...

will do...will do...thanks for your support.